New Soundplane software

Since spring I’ve been working on a new tracker algorithm for the Soundplane. I’m happy to share this first cut, and move on to playing and refining it more, as well as long-awaited plugin updates, putting the wood shop together, and stuff.

For me, the Soundplane is finally mature enough that I want to focus more on playing better, and not just improving the technology. More info at my post.


Wow. Very cool Randy!

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I am not familiar with this software but always on the look out for new and exciting devices of softwares for sound … couldn’t find any videos on your site.

wow very much looking forward to this
I’ll own a soundplane again once the wood shop gets up and running


Ive left detailed comments on the Madrona Labs forum.
but wanted to also say thank you to @randy here. I played with it for quite a while, and it definitely feels like a great step forward… great news, for a fantastic controller, that I really enjoy playing.

@Ammanuel if you search on youtube you’ll find a few, including a few Ive posted (need to do some more :slight_smile: ), heres one from a while back


very true didn’t look enough :slight_smile: thank you.

There are a couple of videos on the Soundplane product page too. I’m excited to make some more myself now that this deep dive on the technical end is wrapping up.


So exciting! Can’t wait for the wood shop to get fired up. Been letting a lot of other MPE devices pass by in anticipation.

Many thanks to @randy for the new tracker. The Soundplane and Aalto together are capable of some wonderfully rich and organic sounds. …I just lost myself in a new patch while testing, so much control and character that I felt like I was playing some unknown acoustic instrument.


…for the curious I’ve uploaded an excerpt from my noodling while testing the new tracker (one pass, one instance of aalto, with a touch of reverb from an H8000)


You have everything working synergistically here! I like how you are getting both the percussive and the waveguide sounds out of a single patch.

If anyone wants to play with that Aalto patch here it is:

LP Pluck SP[4].mlpreset (4.6 KB)

The SP client was configured 4 touches in “rows in fourths” mode with “quantize” turned on.


That’s just great. Now I want a Soundplane more than ever.

I should mute this topic, because it makes me miserable I can’t buy one.

And still I won’t mute this topic, I have 0 self control.

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Does this mean a new batch of Soundplanes on the way, Randy?

I think it’s been mentionned there was gonna be a batch of smaller soundplanes in the pipelines with no real deadline yet, although I must admit I’d like to see it acompanied with a few old big size ones as I’m really on the lookout for one as soon as I’ve got the money but hey, one can hope…

The new Soundplanes will be substantially the same size. I’m working to make the same general instrument format work better mechanically. I’m hoping to start on them soon alongside software work, but don’t have a clear timetable.


will start saving those pennies :slight_smile: