New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


I know I’m not the only one.

@tehn, how many of us do we need to gather before it’s worth creating a 2018 edition 256? :wink:


i like the idea of doing it in aluminum. i’d have to price it out. and figure out the current draw-- it might not be able to be those blazing white LEDs. 50 people could make it happen, maybe.

one of my decision to only make the 8x16 grid is to focus community development at one target. it’s a huge burden on developers to make a 256 and 64 version, and often times presents a design challenge that simply doesn’t make sense.

anyway, it’s a larger discussion. and represents a lot of r&d and production time.

don’t you want to hear about the new thing instead :wink:


well, um, yes. :slight_smile:

(but hey guys, you heard him, lets find 50 of us! hehe)


Count me in for one! (after I recoup some funds from my recent TT purchase :eyes:)


Just 48 more to go.



make that 47 my friend


New thing? I don’t even have the old things…but I’d still like to hear about the new thing.


46 more. I’d love an aluminum 256 and to develop for it.


A vote for hearing about the new thing also, @tehn :wink:


45 more, depending on price, and more info on the new thing, please, when the time is right.


I’ll need something to spend money on in 2018


That’s 44 if you’re keeping track. :wink:


but he shouldn’t keep track until after the new thing!!! can’t distract the man!!!


YES PLEASE!!! I very much would like to hear about the new thing :no_mouth:


so, those 64s would look great in aluminum, right… :slight_smile:


Add one more to the list. 43 more?


Not saying I wouldn’t like a 256 but current plans are to save n sell and look at ansible/128 for my 40th next year. But new thing!? @tehn you tease :wink:


in for everything! 100%! new and refurbished!


Did someone mention new thing? @tehn


A new 256 would be awesome!