New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


(I figure this thread has no actual content yet, so this isn’t really off-topic)

Mutable’s modules make great prototyping environments for everyone, they have JTAG and FTDI ports on them and everything is open source. Just find the device with the best combination of IO for your need.

There is a blog post from @TomWhitwell explaining how to get started with your own firmware for Clouds:


Thanks for this link. Never used medium before and have Just got lost down a rabbit hole of really interesting articles!


This is True. And also, this is brilliant:


“Ok, we’re ready.”
(somehow tricks them to announce something)


I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet but, I need to know: do they explain that jumper?

(The sweater I mean. What’s going on there? It’s like a 19th Century lady’s whalebone corset. I can’t sleep.)

((Is it back to front? Why is one collar out. So many questions.))

OK. I listened and it is brilliant and the sweater makes total sense now.


OMG there’s a New Thing!? Why is this the first I’ve heard about it? Oh wait…those dozen posts up there since September of last year are from me.


You guys are relentless.


@Kel one of the new things was on the stage at huddersfield, too bad you didn’t ask then :slight_smile:


Frankly after seeing the W/ thread I would be a little scared to put out a new thing if I were monome. :slight_smile:


@Kel we can do regressive hypnosis… the new thing is somewhere there in your subconscious!!! just close your eyes and think really really hard!


oh no… :sweat_smile:


The new thing is beautiful.


@laborcamp cracked first!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


@instantjuggler does this mean you cracked second, confirming that new thing actually exists :slight_smile:


ah-ha! not at all! no cracking here… i was just waiting for someone in the community besides you to give a heads up about whatever the new thing is… and now we know its beautiful!!!


so… about these new things…


At least one of the new things is beautiful. There may still be hope for fans of ugly things… ?


I mean how could it not be?


I heard one of the new things was ugly like a sick little guinea pig

I wonder what that means for the wait time between CV input and mechanical actuation