New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)



you just brought up some real childhood memories…



holy shit. This is the last place I would expect to find dc talk lol

I almost died of cringe :open_mouth:


good point! i will venture that the next thing is also genius, following these lines of thought!


Is the new thing an announcement that the monome store labeled the 128 grid as sold out?


well I guess that settles it I’ll need to start working on my DC talk remix album

and jars of clay many nights listening to jars of clay

I did think I was pretty cool


(editorial: what a perfect, pure voice - right up there with Linda Ronstadt)



You guys should warn before posting this kind of shit.


Content warning: your own youth


Odds of the new things showing up with the Ansible restock? :crossed_fingers:


did we ever find out about the “new thing” or was it the new ARCs?
sorry i am old


Just discovered this thread reading through it’s hilarious. Now I’m equally pumped for the ‘new thing’


Great news! I want in whatever it is :smiley:


…and with the intensity I pursued the not old thing, yet new thing to me from Rabid Elephant yesterday or the new thing from Whimsical Raps I was also lucky enough to grab just weeks ago, I will be poised to snag this truly new thing too because within the new things lay the potential for discovering yet more of the new. Long live the New Thing!


yeah i mean now that W/ is out, we can cross that off the new thing list… but i’m not sure whatever all was on that list in the first place, except that it was a lot more new things than anticipated when this thread started…


at the risk of @tehn never speaking to me again…

…a recent observation suggests that (one of) the (versions of the) new thing(s) appears to have a plug of some sort:


my current hypothesis is that it most likely uses electricity :wink:


Electricity! For making music! What will they think of next in this modern world?!


Wait till you guys find out that the electricity is a flow of electrons and not just something found in a plug and that much of what we call music in this age is nothing more than 1’s and 0’s!


Even crazier: the electrons move in the opposite direction of the flow of electricity!


It looks like a USB plug to me. But I’m not familiar with your fancy US electrifications.