New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


Yes indeed, we mustn’t forget to celebrate & hype old musical offerings too


Love the battleship grey- could even be a powdercoat.


ha, you beat me to the mellotron theory/joke.

that Cope video is amazing in so many ways. The Megalithic European is one of my favorite thrift store scores!


“Antler Pickaxes”


20 characters of next week hype… and I guess last week too? Since we’re supposed to hype old things too.


So hyped for last week.


old things!!! monome collab with machine project, love my tetrafol, excited every time i use it:


golden oldie!!! 11 years ago, time machine central:


The grid is still my go to midi sequencer (with various patches, mostly tintinabulome). Always sucks a bit having to get the computer involved though, loading and routing, dealing with os updates breaking things etc. I wonder if this could be a stand alone midi/ cv sequencer which runs patches. Being battery operated (no cables in the pic at least) makes me think it won’t interface with the grid, could be wrong about battery power/ grid current draw though.


(Checks calendar) Is it next week yet?


You’ll have to wait another week 'till next week I’m afraid :grin:


I, for one, feel like it’s solidly next week.


from kelli’s instagram… what a tease!


Look at all that I/O! and it’s new!


and it’s old!



Is it weird that only now that I know the backside, this becomes almost an instabuy? I’ve just ordered a grid again and I’m imagining the new thing to be a “sound computer” that directly integrates with a grid as well as the monome euro series without the need for a laptop.


Bus powered? Or charging?!

And what’s in the fourth usb? Is that a wireless dongle?


Was thinking it would be a stand alone instrument to plug a grid or arc into to control. Looks v cool!


That is the enclosure that I dreamed about for my rPi + pisound…looks great.

…and a WiFi dongle? I hope it runs Linux :stuck_out_tongue:


blutooth maybe? 20 char


my new theory: it’s a universal usb/midi/i2c/bluetooth merger/splitter/switch, and it’s called monome hub. control your eurorack modules from ableton live via bluetooth. sequence your aalto from ansible. and script everything from a built in teletype!