New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


I’d be tempted by a new 256 for sure.


EIGHT long days since we were first baited with the shiny bits of the “New Thing” but no delivery from Mr. @tehn.

So how much more is the cost of a 256 compared to a 128?


It’s unobtanium. A grand total of 50 varibright 256s were produced. Used grids from the original batch do occasionally come up for sale, about once or twice a year.


So what “did” they sell for and might that number be indicative of a new model? Was @tehn serious when he said if there was interest from 50 people he might build them? Do you know offhand what the originals now sell for on the used market? Is the advantage of double the keys worth saving the extra money for and holding off on a 128?


It’s a pretty niche thing, makes more sense for Max users. The eurorack modules were designed for 128. 256s generally sell used for about $900-1000.

As for “was @tehn serious?” I think he’s aware that it may be difficult to get the count much higher than the 10 we have so far on this thread.

Hence, the motivation to explore the new thing. And you’ll soon learn that @tehn loves to tease us.

If you do eventually get the itch to acquire a 256 (I recommend starting with a 128 and then experimenting with Max programming with the grid to decide if you need/want more) it should be mentioned that only the 2012 edition has 16 levels of variable brightness. (That’s the batch of 50 I’m referring to). There are other editions that had 4 levels of variable brightness, or mono-brightness. They are far more common (but much less interesting to me personally).


As I’m really only interested in using a Grid in a Eurorack setup and don’t have much if any interest in Max, the 128 makes more sense. Thanks again for all your feedback.


+1 for NEW THING



Show us that new thing!

Oh and a 256 with bright enough leds to use in sunlight would be my dream.


Oooooooooo new thing!


I hear the new thing will involve Lua…


a new monome thing you say…

well color me intrigued


New thing please. New thing please. New thing please. :slight_smile:


The cool thing about the 128 is, if you want a 256, you can get two of them.

+1 New Thing


There is new thing coming!!


Very sneaky hiding talk of a new thing in a category I usually have muted.

I’ll add to the chorus - new thing, new thing, new thing, new thing, new thing, new thing, new thing!





Every time someone posts something here in the New Thing my OCD kicks hard and I have to open the thread in case the New Thing has become the Known Thing.


I imagine that “new thing” won’t be the actual product name, so you can probably safely wait until we start calling it something else before getting TOO excited.

But yeah, I know the feeling!


20 characters of new things?!