New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


I’m game for a mug with some grid, arc or teletype stuff :slight_smile:


but does it have i2c??



I’ve tried the dish known as patience and found it bitter. I sincerely tried to find purchase in @jasonw22 trying to sell me that the Faderbank was the New thing! But now that I’ve learned about that thing that had once been a New thing! but in reality is actually a kind of old thing, I would like to demand answers.

But who here is able to command @tehn to deliver us from being baited with his hint of the New thing! that for six weeks has remained unknown?

My kingdom to know just what is this New thing!?

Well if it is a coffee mug…I certainly hope @scanner_darkly and @bpcmusic will collaborate on the i2c functionality and will offer us an expander with some blinky lights and a refill jack.


I’m sorry you misunderstood! Never meant to give that impression.


What the heck is it gonna be?!!!


Oh god…the return of the NEW THING.


delivered new thing to @Galapagoose just now aha


Oh well that clears everything up, now I totally know what it is; it’s the NEW THING!


Mmmmmm, neeew thiiiiing.


My guess is some sort of ic2’d mixer thing


We’ve got circles, squares and rectangles…

Something triangular is my guess :joy::rofl:


monome already made the tetrafol!


Dang, totally forgot about that!


noo thing! noo thing!
no-longer-new-to-galapagoo thing! :man_dancing:
[translation: erm… i’d like to see the new thing, too :raising_hand_man:( :woman_facepalming: ) ]


Thinking about all the cool things the new thing could be…


…leads to the sadness that we cannot probably fathom just what the new thing is.


I’m hoping for something that i can plug some cables into and make bleeps and bloops.


Damn it…I just saw that @annannie is looking for a Mangrove, which made me think of Whimsical and then of course @Galapagoose and now I’m full circle wondering about the New Thing all over again. As that famous(?) group once asked, “Is there any escape from noise?”


I’ll leave this here.


Christ Alessandro have some sympathy on a guy who’s been watching this thread like a hawk…now I have to go read a years worth of Twitter dialog from Galopahasallthegreatinfogoose.