New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)




This means I’d expect an announcement before the end of the year. :slight_smile:


Hate to break it to you all, but there might be more than one New Thing coming soon…


Ugh you just know it’s gonna be “the friends we made along the way” or some shit.


Sorry for stalking your twitter feed :smiley:


Yay for all the new things!! GAS? What GAS?


hang on… galapagoose and whimsical raps are one and the same?

My head hurts.


three new things!!!


Four new things!!!

Any raise?


our chickens made some new things this morning


I’m pretty sure this is the fabled 128-knob ArcGrid and the matching 4-button MonoRow mini grid.

But seriously, I’m happy that the ecosystem is dynamic and that Teletype is remaining at the centre of the collection (at least for now).

All this talk of ER-301’s in the last few months makes me wonder about a headless Pi or something like that. The undercurrent seems to be ‘bring your computation power to the rack’ as we see with teletype, ER-301, i2c-the-everything, …

Wildly speculating while watching the sun rise over a snowy landscape. The cat thinks I’m crazy (“play with the toys you have, eat, sleep.”) to which I respond “play with the toys, eat, sleep, read IIIIIIIIII.”


I don’t know how many new things I can handle.
But I must say that the prospect of Meng Qi being somehow part of this “new thing orgy” is very appealing to me.


MenQi’s design aesthetic has been a huge inspiration for me to build small desktop boxes with interesting controllers. His modules have a kind of Steampunk feel to them. Steampunk/ironpunk style really works for me. Give me stuff that has a Verne 20,000 leagues feel any day.


“No, Mon” Dub Delay
Whimsical Traps High Hat Pattern Generator
Teletype, but now you can read Sue Grafton novels on it
Actual Mannequins


I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the ‘old’ things I have. But of course I’m very curious to know what the new things will be (apart from the eggs of Brian’s chickens). Maybe the best part of this is that I know the new things will be things I never imagined before… Brian is always stepping into new territory, or better, he makes an entirely new eco system!


this thread is a hype MACHINE


I mean…has anyone made an ebook altfirmware?..I’m asking for a friend.


Your friend wouldn’t happen to be a High Pattern Delayed Grafton Mannequin by chance?


Wins everything. Made this whole thread worth it.

Edited to add “A is for Awesome”

Missed opportunity, corrected. Balance restored.


i mean we already know there’s gonna be some new things… but maybe it will be like the “cool” way to drop albums these days: no details and then, BAM, completed new thing given away for free on all your favorite social media platforms??