New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


Yeah. Definitely free.


@unity2k throwing one random idea out there- tehn said he dropped off the new thing to whimsical, and also there had been mention of a new isms on some other thread ages ago. total speculation, but last time they collaborated on something the result was the isms i think… maybe this is the new version of isms that was hinted at before? but also, like trent said, there might be tons of new things! maybe the chickens didn’t just lay eggs, that could have been a clue too??

Any new info on isms production?

curiosity bump 20 ch


New year upon us seems like a great time to learn more about the New Thing!


Last week, after explaining why i’m so excited about an unknown new thing, my girlfriend told me I’m in a cult.


we all need to pitch in and donate to monome’s advertising department so they can afford to produce some mysterious teasers just like how all the big companies roll. i heard teenage engineering is skipping NAMM to work on the OP-Z… and as far as i can tell monome won’t be at NAMM either… so… DOT DOT DOT


there are plenty of people with the skills to put something like that together I’m sure


Not sure i’d like to see this happening though…


I am with you.
monome doesn’t need to do marketing.
The fact that monome does not do marketing is the best marketing for a monome community.

I am also pretty sure @instantjuggler was just kidding though.


I made 4 new things today (thanks to IKEA + jnrs storage requirements) And tried 1 new thing.

I like this new thing… Burp!


damn, must keep the comedy more obvious. new thing hype thread makes NAMM jokes too random. i’m just happy to see so many people into a new thing, its exciting to be part of a community where everyone is passionate about what might be possible next. guessing that if monome ever grew big enough to have a separate advertising department this forum wouldn’t be half as fun.


The comedy was transparent enough! :joy:
But it also afforded the opportunity to recognize this lovely characteristic of the monome operation.

I think about this often: just what an amazing example @tehn and @kelli_cain are setting for all of us: that there is indeed a way to live a constructive, thoughtful life, and make a living without compromising one’s integrity and ideals.

I am always humbled, inspired and thankful for that.


I, for one, welcome news of the new thing before the end of the year, as only New Thing News will redeem what has been an utterly REDACTED year. Thank you.


I made a new hardware thing and a new music thing today.

I enjoy the idea of talking about our own new things until we find out what @tehn’s new thing might be.

Communal high five!


I guess the comedy was obvious enough ! Sorry, language barrier, sometime I don’t get it right.


tfw you mfg with torx screws and is not a euro module but rather an article.

who is even making which new thing?


Now think this through.

Remember back in the day when Apple changed to using non-standard screws?

More or less exactly when they went from underappreciated and struggling to taking. over. everything.

It was a sign. It is a sign. It IS a sign.

Pretty soon it’ll be hard to get Whimsical Raps stuff. They’ll have a Work with Us sign on their website in pink. People will talk abut the next products - Three Aunts and Cypress Fabulator and Just Enemies - in hushed tones. Rampant speculation will overflow onto the InterWebs.

Oh wait.


Scrubbing the thread regarding Chaos Operators and I came across this from October 2017 posted by @zebra:

I took the mildly ridiculous step of making a little c program to do interactive ascii animations of elementary CA. (i want to include these structures in a New Thing anyways.)


new thing number four???



This thread makes me smile every time I open it to read new posts!