New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


wait is there just one new thing and it is reproducing now? you all weren’t far off with the idea of it being a chicken/egg situation

hoping for more interface or something programmable or maybe even a little bit of both :slight_smile:


Am I the only one that would like it to be a T-shirt…


It’s a sticker saying “no more GAS”.


When we consider it would be a Monome T-shirt I suppose that might be okay as I’d imagine it as having a capacitive surface with a new type of flat magnetic patch cable that would be height and movement aware. With its USB port and keyboard we could create scripts that could react to weather, lighting, and biometrics. Of course it’s also open source so after @scanner_darkly and @bpcmusic get hold of it they could write a biomimicry upgrade that would effectively give users of the Monome T-shirt a surface inspired by cephalopods. This in turn would inspire @sliderule to use the chromatophores as the basis of a new type of chaotic map that he could port to algorithm 5 in the Chaos operators for the Teletype. So yeah…I’m down with it being a T-shirt.


I always imagined a monome t shirt would be a single strip of material that could be repurposed into a sweatshirt, hoody, tank etc.

Adaptable, minimalist clothing.


There should be a blimp or something at least.


I for one am a very big fan of the Old Thing.


Anyone interested in some torture? Head over to Twitter where @Galapagoose is offering riddles in exchange for obscure questions about the New Thing.


this thread just became my favorite thing on the internet right now!!! keep going!!!


If i get very lucky, I’ll have a NEW THING coming tomorrow. Hints: it’s an eurorack module, it speaks teletype, it’s got a screen, and it has an USB keyboard.


Has it traveled far and does Milan play a large role in your New Thing?


Here’s a rare picture of the internals of the Italian customs offices in Milan



Not eurorack. Two screens. Two processors (or something)? Rows of teeth… Changes teletype.

Interest piqued!

Oh, and it’s gonna be a little while. That’s okay; sounds revolutionary!

edit: Sorry if I made the game less fun!


Pi and light figure in this too…and I think prismatic was a hint too.


It’s just been made crystal clear that the New Thing! here on Lines is NOT the the New Thing from Whimsical.


Just going to say that almost everything above is not correct. I guess my ‘riddles’ are full of red herrings.


You mean it has more than two screens!


I think someone’s leaked an advance press release for the New Thing


wow is monome and or whimsical finally bringing back the all white nintendo DS? !! i have seriously been waiting forever to be able to get one in that color again…


i’m not falling for that one again!