New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


I’ve got awhile DS lite I don’t use any more you’re welcome to


I’m still stalking that twitter account for the sake of journalism!



Daydreamt of the New Thing at the office today…


Count me in! My walnut 128 and gs 64 have kept me busy, but I’ve been trying to get my hands on a 256 since 2010.


Keep trying! Someone reached out to me not long after I created this post and ultimately sold me their 2012 edition 256. I love it. I will not be selling it.


There’s a 256 on eBay just now. Located in Netherlands.


Just want to be mindful of the edition. There are only 50 2012 edition 256s with 16 level varibright.


I’m having trouble finding the listing on eBay. Could you possibly link it to me?


I’m going to keep searching! I wouldn’t sell it if I were you either.


Sure thing

Hope that works, have never cut n pasted from the app.


t shirt contest anyone?


Is this for the Monome New Thing! or the Whimsical Raps new thing that seems to maybe have something to do with a collaboration with, or not, the work that is apparently shared between the two entities except for or maybe pertaining to these new things that are simultaneously though not certainly coming out at roughly the same time or at times apart from each other?



You are ruining the idea of the New Thing!


I just found my all white DS in a box in my basement and it still turned on after years of being tucked away. What magic batteries did Nintendo put into that thing and why aren’t more devices using them?!


DS’ and the op1 have some unbelievable batteries


I like that the proposed brand/interface/identity for lines label resurfaced!! :smile:


Electroplankton! ! !


so many good memories of electroplankton through a korg er1


i can neither confirm nor deny that the new thing has anything to do with electroplankton…