New thing! (derail this thread? impossible!)


that’s it this thread has officially gotten


Can’t wait for T H E N E W T H I N G . . .


i mean, i sincerely thought it was pretty pimp that TE was hanging out in a car outside NAMM with their new things… but, damn, brian killed it even harder by hanging out at his house on the other side of the country during NAMM (presumably with his own new thing)???


Okay, I am intrigued and all my thoughts (mental wrangling) re. acquiring a Teletype and perhaps other Monomes have been derailed and are now on the back burner, because… well… I hesitate to ever utter the words…

New thing!



Did I sense a bit of drool as you wrote the words, New thing!?


Haha… that’s gross!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, maybe, the Teletype thing, as I think you know is a huge leap for me in coming to terms with introducing a keyboard into my music making setup. I think I have a pretty good handle on why and how it is so good now, and am very keen to have that level of connectivity to one of my ER-301s, but still wrangling with the whole UI thing a little bit.

Anyway, I think I have convinced myself I need to at least try it, but as I have learned about the monome system I have realised there are one or two things that are going to annoy me - for example the Grid integration with Teletype makes loads of sense, but actually Grid should really have an Ansible alongside otherwise I am going to get frustrated swapping over a keyboard and grid.

I am hoping the new thing is, or should I say new things are going to address these issues in super clever ways and I would be dismayed if I took the leap only for a month or two later to find I should have waited.

A Teletype v2 with Ansible functionality and two usb ports to simultaneously connect a keyboard and a Grid would be pretty much an instabuy at this point.

I came to this conclusion simply by extrapolating what I know about the monome system, this, to me at least, would be a very obvious next release! I obviously may be horribly wrong, but hey - it’s fun to speculate :wink:


Hmm but that would require a new firmware? And ansible is controlled via Teletype?


Maybe, maybe not, USB is a bus so in theory the two should work concurrently, but I have no idea how the relevant parts of the code that interpret the incoming messages from the USB devices are implemented.

Would it matter if it did require a rewrite?


There’s a lot of hours spent on getting to 2.3, not sure if support for parallel versions is ideal. Even supporting multiple versions of non-upgradeable hw is a drag.


Sure, I don’t disagree, as I say I haven’t read the code so can’t make any meaningful comment, but making an educated guess there is a fairly high chance it will ‘just work’ :smiley:

I guess we will find out in due course :wink:


monome don’t really make chimeras, they make unicorns.


i don’t advise waiting to buy a TT on that rationale.

if one of the TT firmware hackers can figure out how to get hub support into the AVR32 usb host stack, it would satisfy the use case you mention, and be enormously useful for other devices using libavr32. (it’s not an easy task and has foiled a number of smart people. the gauntlet is thrown!)

btw, adding another physical USB port isn’t the answer and won’t “just work.” (alas)

an i2c expander module that just forwards grid I/O might be a DIYable solution.


Thanks @zebra that’s really helpful!

You have actually answered more questions than maybe you realise there :slight_smile:

I am sure I read somewhere that the ‘new thing’ will talk teletype …

… I went looking and have found the source of my confusion - it’s the other ‘new thing’ :smile:


maybe… but i think not



As I’ve pointed out afterwards, this thing has the same potentiometer and switch layout as Just Friends. It also has the same board shape and dimensions. My guess is that it’s just a board revision which only introduces slight hardware changes. A false trail!


This was the Elektroplankton page where you could replay your voice recording via these little fellers. Each of the aliens/plankton used a different bitrate or kind of aliasing (I think?) to produce a different effect.

I stand by my guess that one of the New Things is some sort of sample to synthesis, cellular automata whatnot. Record a sound and then ‘breed’ variations of a synthesised version of the recording. Using a Teletype Gene op. Maybe.


off topic, but I had the chance to see Toshio Iwai give a fantastic lecture at UCLA last week and its now online here:


Is there a summary of prior efforts & roadblocks somewhere? Not volunteering (yet) but curious…


Oh, cool. Thanks so much for this. I hadn’t heard about it.


derailing an ever-wackier thread (what is with that title!)

you might start on this also-messy aleph thread from back when:
[ ]

here’s the real nitty gritty:
[ ]

(see all the intsances of USB_HOST_HUB_SUPPORT in that file… most of the checks throw #error but some have partial functionality)