New to modular, feedback/suggestions on first eurorack setup?

Yeah, a Batumi would be a good alternative for modulation, also not too big of a module.
From looking at both so far I think I prefer the versatility of Pamela’s New Workout.

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Yeah Pam’s is a cracking module even before you analyse function:hp ratio. It came out after I’d got my Batumi. Although I do like that Batumi forces you to guide the LFOs by feel. I’ll be popping the expert firmware onto it next week now I am comfy working with it.

Didn’t know there was an additional firmware for the batumi. Cool!
Doesn’t seem to be open-source though, right?

Been watching quiet some video’s on different modules and especially the Ornament & Crime stood out, so many awesome things you can do with it :open_mouth:
So I’ve added it, though I’m looking at the micro version, because it’s obviously less HP, but also because I find the layout more logical.

Apart from that I’ve been considering replacing the Intellijel Quadra, mainly because it’s relatively expensive and just being able to generate envelopes seem very one-dimensional to me.
For the same price you can get a Pamela’s New Workout (if it’s in stock :P) which offers way more flexiblity to use it for different purposes.
If I remove it there would be exactly enough room for a Maths. Envelope wise I’d lose 2 envelopes and have less control over the exact shape, but modulation/function wise it would of course give a lot more possibilities whilst also allowing a good amount of hands-on control.
I’m not sure if it would be a good switch though. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? Or alternative options?

I’ve also been considering replacing the uVCF with something else, still have to watch/hear some more videos, but I’m not sure I like the sound enough. I did quiet like the sounds of the Doepfer A-108 and A-106-5.
Both are quiet a bit cheaper than the uVCF but also more HP, especially the A-108 which is double the HP of the uVCF.

I have a new Pam’s on order and loved my old one, so I definitely see the appeal of it, but it is worth noting that it for modulations and envelopes that it isn’t directly externally trigger-able as a Maths, Quadra, or other EG is. I’ve been mulling over a Just Friends to fit that role in a way and the independent-yet-connectedness of it fits in for me in theory, but don’t have experience with it to offer - but it’s definitely popular around here :slight_smile:

You do also get a number of EG options with Ornament & Crimes, though, but of course not while you use it in a different mode.

so after nearly a week with Pam’s (i picked one up last weekend from someone locally who was liquidating a 12U modular setup) i’m totally loving it. I haven’t used it for envelopes, but as a master clock, euclidean rhythm source, and modulation source it is so awesome. hard to imagine more bang for the hp.

check out this thread for more on maths - I’ve also been a bit frustrated about having a 20hp envelope generator, but this thread has been a source of inspiration. there’s a link in there to a PDF outlining like 20 cool non-EG uses for maths.

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That’s a very good point, thanks for pointing it out. Totally didn’t think about that.

Again a good point, though I guess that would be a mode to use as a fallback since changing the envelopers it not very quick/hands-on of course :slight_smile:

Since I’m not going to be get all these modules at once (there’s a lot to learn and expect some changes in my wishes based on actual hands-on experience) it might make sense to go for a simple 1 or 2x AD/AR module in 4/6HP like the Ladik C-041 orUoki Toki 2 AD/AR for now and see how well I’ll get on with that. At the very least it’ll be quiet a bit cheaper than a Maths or Quadra :slight_smile:
Also peaks is already in the case, so I have that as a fallback for envelopes as well.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Sounds good! I hope I’ll eventually be able to get my hands on one in Europe.

Yeah, been following that thread from the start, it’s ± the same question I have. Main issue for me is that I have no clue yet how/in which way I’ll like Maths and what I’d use it for since I don’t have one yet.
That mainly means I’m probably looking at Maths in a too simple way, similar to what the topic starter said: envelopes + attenuverters.
So the PDF is certainly helpful to get some insights in alternative/more creative uses.

it might also go without saying, but I think part of the reason there is always so much module buying/selling (besides people liking to buy stuff) is that there are all sorts aspects of modules that make one person get along with them and another person hate them. The person who really likes Maths probably wouldn’t care for Quadra, and vice versa (I think I’d be in the Maths camp there for the logic, mixing, and more CV control, but I like generative/morphing stuff). I say just get whatever you instinctively are drawn to and go from there. If you buy used, you probably will only lose out on a few dollars for shipping, and if you buy new, you’re likely only out 20% if you decide to sell something.

Also, Peaks is an EG, as well, so you could totally get by without Quadra or Maths at all to start and you’d still have more EGs between Pam’s, O&C, and Peaks than many other racks of comparable size.


I just bought one of these from a builder on MW. It looks awesome(haven’t had the chance to use it yet). His handle is ZZ Ardoz

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Thanks for the tip! Since I’m from Europe I’m looking at this oneμo-c-silver
Seems like the builder has some users on mw and on the eurorack facebook groups that are all happy. We’ll see :slight_smile:

He is a great guy indeed. Bought one a couple of weeks ago and everything went super smoothly. Totally recommend :blush:

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I bought a uBraids from him, really recommended builder. Excellent communication and the module is great.


You can also cycle the envelopes in addition to pinging them. This means you can use it as a modulation source. It seems like a simple module, but is really useful, especially when you look at fittiing 4 envelopes/lfos in that space. Anyways, don’t write it off. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this. I took a good look at it again and I did miss quiet a bit of functionality with my initial impression of it just doing envelopes. The cyling envelopes/LFO feature is obviously nice and I noticed the three-way switch also has the option for a hold for the duration of a gate signal which is very nice as well.

Will have to do some experimentation with what I have so far to get a feel for how many envelope generators I need.