New to monome and modular: ask questions here


I believe saving a pattern is just a long-press on one of the pattern buttons to save the current parameters. So I’m pretty sure you can load pattern 1, for example, then long-press on pattern 2 and the same contents will be saved to pattern 2.


Thanks, that was the first thing I tried, but that doesn’t work. Did that work for you on White Whale Kria? (I think I have V. 0.3 installed because it doesn’t sync to Clock input.) Any other ideas?

I’ll received an Ansible today, so I’ll check if it works there…


Okay, I just checked: long button press to copy a pattern works on Kria Ansible, but not on Kria White Whale. If anybody know if/how it works on Kria White Whale, please let me know. Thanks!


Does anybody have a playlist of Spotify-releases of music made with Monome-devices? Or any links to suggested listening? I’m not afraid to do some more googling on my own, but I’m hoping at least I’m asking in the right place? Thanks/total noob


Hi, I have just jumped into the wonderful world of Monome with a Grids and Arc. Awaiting the release of Ansible to I can connect it to my modular but for now I will be using Ableton. Any tips of places to go for a newby? Thanks


if you are looking for music made with monome devices, i recommend just browsing the releases category and searching through some threads here on lines. not all of the things made and shared here are strictly monome, but a lot of them are!

besides that, there is the lines spotify playlist with tracks made by people here in the community. also, if you are just looking for things to listen to, this thread always has the best recommendations.


exciting news. when I first got my grid, i downloaded the free trial of max/msp and played around with the grid studies/MLR

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Thanks for taking the time to collect all the links! Much appreciated, looking forward to checking out the music.


Hi all. Is it possible to access the scales settings screen in White Whale with a 64?


Hey llllllll Monome Gurus, After a fair bit of youtube and reading I’m questioning if a Grid and Ansible are the direction I should go for sequencing or if hermod would be a better choice. Although I’m not as into the traditional composition in using a keyboard or sequencing by note per step that you seeming do with hermod. This seems like the place to drop an ask if I was mistaken please let me know and I can sort it out.

I started with the sq-1 and ended up selling it off looking for more functionality outside of 1 long or two short gate and cv sequences. I then got a bsp and then promptly returned it as I didn’t really connect with it in the way you create sequences with it and wanting to move toward a more performative direction in making a cohesive instrument that I could, in theory, do a set with.

I also want to mention I won’t be going teletype as I want to minimize the whole big screen deal with my modular and the scripting doesn’t really interest me at this point. Below is my current setup after I got rid of some modules to free up some cash flow(I have 6u but the top is empty). Pams is a want to buy for the modulation and clock etc.

What should I do? I don’t know at this point. Has anyone been in this same dilemma and could share their experience?


I think my refrain for the next while is "sequencing is hard". I used to have a BeatStep Pro and much prefer Kria (and even Teletype, which I usually do not use for melody sequencing). That said, I did get a Keystep (partly to have a small controller with keys to use with my laptop) because it’s just easier for me to stumble onto things with a keyboard.

I really like Kria’s approach to phasing and building up melodies out of smaller pieces with the metasequencer, and I really appreciate the visual aspect of the interface. Having spent some time deliberately thinking about how to break musical ideas into “chunks,” I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Haven’t really looked at the Hermod at all. Seems powerful?


Yeah, I feel that haha, I feel like the direction I take will certainly influence how I actually create music(thus stressing me out particularly with such a large purchase but that’s beside the point). Do you feel like this is the case?

As an example, I purposefully don’t have a keyboard to use with my modular to try and break from more traditional composition that I would do with keys. I feel like the “chunking” you’re talking about might be an example of how the actual system is pushing your workflow and composition in seemingly a positive and progressive way?

And everything I see about Hermod seems super useful as well as convenient I’m just not sure it’s for me at this point.


What are you feeding into the uScale?

Feeding (attenuated!) envelopes into Scales (which I think functions similarly?) has been my most recent sequencing experiment. For me it’s been Zadar envelopes triggered / reset by gate sequences from Teletype, but you could probably accomplish similar with Pam’s & Wogglebug into uScale?

(A decidedly non-Monome answer I acknowledge. Just responding more to what you have in the rack already.)


At this point, I’ve been feeding attenuated random stepped voltage from Wogglebug into uscale then to a variety of places. Which is my current primary source of v/oct since selling the sq1 and bsp.


positive and a learning experience for sure, but full of a lot more of the "learning things is harrrrrddd" frustration than I expected to encounter. I think this is just a fact of learning how to sequencer and not the fault of any particular device.

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I’m curious about the deep and esoteric world of monome/mannequins/od

Im interested in buying a TT, JF & W/. I’d like use the TT to lead the ER-301, JF & W/

Mind you I have no experience with any coding or the TT language but I’m interested in learning a few simple scripts and taking it slow.

I’m wondering is a backpack from the TT with designated i2c cables to each of those modules the proper way to go?

Do I need a txb in order to connect my 16n Faderbank to any of the modules mentioned above?

Is there a diy solution for a txb?



Gotchyea, I think my questioning is more rooted in the fact that I know the processes are fairly different and am hesitant to make the “wrong” for me choice. Thanks for the insight!

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i’m wondering about a diy txb as well. i have a busted half of my @MengQiMusic DPLPG that i was wondering if could be modded to have 3 seperate i2c connections (1 to er301, 1 to teletype, etc)…

anyone out there know how this could be done? just a regular audio jack that accepts TRS? also, does the DPLPG’s inputs only accept mono?



Quick question for the Monome vets and “super users” out there: How do you keep track of everything thats going on with grids when you use it live? I’ve been reading through the material, and between Kria and Meadowphysics, the different pages, settings, presets, looping points, etc, I find myself getting lost as to what page,button, row does what for what implementation. Is there a handy dandy cheat sheet for a dumb dumb like me? I have seen pics of peoples grids with little stickers/letters taped onto their grids, which I suspect is aimed at addressing this issue. Thanks in advance for all the input.


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I’m definitely not a super user, but I do find that with practice at a specific app, the worries start to fade away into muscle memory. This, of course, takes a while, so in the mean time I sit at my synth with my laptop open to the manual, trying to figure out what does what. :joy:

(This definitely applies to Teletype, Ansible’s Arc apps, W/ and even Just Friends to an extent :sweat_smile:)