New to monome and modular: ask questions here

Thanks for the tips…I’m totally new to this world. Got Norns, got hooked, sold off a bunch of my eurorack stuff and in short order got Grids, teletype, with arc and ansible on the way :exploding_head: totally overwhelming. I guess I just need to jump in and start somewhere.



That’s quite a lot to take on. I’ve downsized my rig quite substantially due to the functional complexity of monome + mannequins and how much they can do together.

yea, I’m kinda a spazz :slight_smile:
already gotten so much out of Norns without Grid or Arc (and gained so much knowledge from the awesome humans on this forum)

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I am very interested in Monome but I have some quick questions.

  1. How exactly does ANSIBLE and TELETYPE talk? Does either send back CV info back to the computer itself? I would love to use CV and triger events in a visualizer like Mark Eats.

  2. Is there a connection with Monome and Mannequins? I see so many folks combining these.


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(this thread seems excellently suited for this discussion, so I moved your post here)

Teletype and Ansible mainly communicate together via a wired protocol called I2C. Neither is capable of sending CV to a computer on their own (there are murmurs that Crow might do such a thing?), but any DC-coupled audio interface together with additional processing power on the computer side would help with that.

Trent Gil, one of the people behind Mannequins, used to work for Monome, and is still friendly. Monome and Mannequins are collaborating on the aforementioned unreleased Crow module. Certainly the “ethos” of Monome and Mannequins are compatible.


Ok very stupid question, but would Ansible do the same thing as Teletype? For example could I just use super collider and send similar Gate and CV to Ansible vs using the language in Teletype?

Also can anybody explain the monome grids to me? There are so many versions, any disadvantages just using the old ones?

Not really, no. Ansible is open source, so theoretically many things are possible if you’re willing to rewrite the firmware, but as-is the only way for Ansible to interface with a device that is not a Grid or an Arc is by receiving MIDI and responding in one of a few prescribed ways to it. Teletype, by comparison, is able to communicate with a different range of devices and is open-ended without rewriting firmware by design.

As for the grids, they are a device that communicate via an OSC-over-serial protocol. They send messages corresponding to button-presses, and light LEDs in response to messages received. Thus they’re far “dumber” than they might look from a distance, but it’s this lack of purpose that allows their use in a wide variety of contexts. Most community development of applications that use the Grid assume—to greater or lesser extent—that Grids have 128 buttons and 16-step variable brightness. Older grids may or may not. This means using an older grid may sometimes come with UI compromises if you intend to use community applications. Of course, if you write your own code, your grid is your grid.


“it’s this lack of purpose that allows their use in a wide variety of contexts”


I’m new to the Monome world and looking to know - are two Ansible modules required for simultaneous Grid and Arc use in a eurorack setup? Tried doing some digging here and through Google and couldn’t seem to find a simple answer. Thanks!

Yes. You can only connect a single device to Ansible at a time, and can only run a single mode of Ansible at a time.

Hey all, just wondering. What might be the most comprehensive modular midi interface to use Norns with modular gear?

I like the idea of a skiff, grids, and Norns as a amazing live performance machine.

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I think there’s something in development that may work for you…

Is it possible to use Ansible to connect Norns to modular gear? I’m slightly confused with the difference between Ansible and Crow.

No, both norns and Ansible are USB hosts, so that won’t work.
crow is a regular USB device that can be connected to a USB host like norns or your PC.


Hmm, anyone tried sticking a SevillaSoft MIDI USB-USB in the middle? I can try that later this week and report back.


Welp I just joined the grid family… waiting for ansible to be available and I’m sure I’ll be back here soon with questions :slight_smile:


It might work if you put ansible in MIDI mode

I’ve been thinking about getting one of those devices from Sevillasoft to connect my iPad running sequencers into Ansible in midi mode.

I’d love to hear if anything like that is working for other folks…

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