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I hope this is the right to place to post this…

I received a used Teletype a few days ago, today went to my local electronics store and picked up These cables to split apart and use for i2c.

Came home and assembled a small 60hp learning system with Teletype i2c’d to Just Friends and W/. I powered it on and it ran for a few minutes before it randomly shut down, now it won’t turn on again.

I have removed all of the module’s (1 at a time while trying to power on) but it still won’t turn on.

(Edit) I put the module’s back in my main case and was still experiencing problems, but after removing the teletype i2c backpack all module’s seem to work OK now… I think maybe the teletype backpack pins came in contact with the skiff’s power supply and fried both of them… Is that a possibility?


Question about Ansible & Kria. My v/oct tracking seems off.

Root note tuned to A-1. When I go up octaves in the octave track, it starts to detune to G#-2 and keeps detuning as I go up.

I’m using a Piston Honda MK3 which is a digital osc. seems to be spot on with other modules.

I have 2 Ansibles, and they are both showing the same thing. is this a A440 - A432 tuning thing? I’m lost :frowning:


That’s odd. Do you have a multimeter? You could test the voltage coming out of Ansible. It’s probably not a tuning thing since the volts per octave don’t change your oscillator.

Have you ever calibrated the Piston Honda?


Yeah, I’ll try tonight. Just noticed this morning and then I had to jet to work.

The Piston honda mk3 is brand new (last week). It tracks very well on the Stillson Hammer and NerdSEQ. 6 octaves.

Seems very odd that going octaves would change things. And its showing the same thing on both Ansibles.

I’ll try on my other OSCs later tonight.

Would it matter if one is set to A440 and another is A432? would that make tuning go off? or is it still all relative.


pitch CV doesn’t see a difference between A440 and A432, since in both cases going up one octave should mean adding one volt.

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Are you using any stackable cables or passive mults? That might cause a problem?


So I figured it out.

All of Industrial Music Electronics (Piston Honda, Hertz Donut, etc) V/Oct is 0-10v only. Won’t read negative volts.

Kria starts at -1 volt. Thats why it only tracked Octave 2-3-4 but 1 is very off.

So the question now is, can you offset Kria so it doesn’t start at -1 V? It would be a shame to only be able to use 3 octaves with their OSCs.

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Where are you seeing that Ansible Kria starts at -1 volts?


Pretty sure that Ansible cv should be 0-10v regardless of the app.


*Misread it. It’s not 1 full negative volt.

using my O’toole voltage reader.

it starts at -0.070 to -0.090 as the base. on all 4 CV outputs.

So on my Piston Honda for some reason the base note is 1 note flat. then the next 3 are in sync.

guess there is something weird with it reading negative voltage. I’ll just put it through an adder if i really need that octave.

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You are almost certainly experiencing a ground potential, either between two power supplies or one supply with resistive losses between kria and the o tool.

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One thing you could do if you wanted is to use the octave or alt note pages on Kria to save yourself the adder.


Yeah totally. Just get 3 octaves instead of 4. But I’m fine with it.


waitwaitwait let’s be even cleverer: go to the scale page and move the first step a few buttons over to the right. This has the effect of transposing the output of every channel of Kria without using the alt note or scale pages.


Wooo. Try it soon. Thanks!


Hey I think that did the trick.

I have two cases/power supplies and they are on different power supplies. All the power cords/bricks were all bunched together. so I just gave them all some room and it seems to be tracking very well now. Thanks!


I’m always curious about, and often baffled by, power; ‘giving them some room’ means you moved one case to a different outlet, or literally moved the bricks further apart? Something else?


I had them all in a chair in a bunch. So the 3 power bricks were right next to the power strip. I also had the power wires tied together to keep it ‘neat’.

I just moved the power strip to the ground and untied the wires. The power bricks are just near each other not stack on each other.

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I bought a second hand White Whale for my new grid. It’s running Kria, which I like, but it doesn’t react to external Clock. On the Kria Github page I saw that external Clock wasn’t supported in the first release 0.3, but was added with 0.4. So I think I have to update Kria to 0.4?

I followed the instructions on this page and used homebrew to install dfu-programmer, but now I don’t know what I need for the actual firmware: only the kria or the kria master file? Sorry, I don’t know anything about GitHub.


I’m a little confused, some places it’s stressed that grid has to be powered by itself, other places it’s suggested that it can be plugged directly in the teletype. A friend might bring his grid to a meetup tomorrow, and I would like to know if it’s OK to plug it directly into my teletype. Will this damage anything? What’s the worst that can happen? How exactly do we go about “powering the grid by itself”?