New to monome and modular: ask questions here


Just to be clear…i dont think a 64 makes sense or works well with any of the other sequencers in Ansible. For Earthsea its golden for my taste


Ok I’ll look out for those quirks. I actually have a vari 128 but love an opportunity to use my gs64. I love the square format and those bright white lights.


Well… that serves me right for waiting. I had the order page open this morning with my address filled in and everything, and went to click “buy” just now, and the Grid was sold out :frowning:

When it says “available 5/20”, does that mean next year?


I saw that one day a week or so ago and then it was back in stock a few days later.

… not to be telling on myself or anything… :sweat_smile:


i would say if you’re getting a grid 128 then for modular i’d go with ansible (assuming the ansible apps cover what you want to do with grid). it’ll be some time before crow is available, so you’d have to use norns via midi to cv converter (and i’m not sure if norns can output midi yet?).

with norns though it’ll be trivial to modify existing scripts for grid 64, much easier than modifying eurorack firmware. and there will be a lot more various norns scripts than eurorack firmwares / apps, with new scripts being constantly added.

for the record, all existing eurorack apps/modules will work with grid 64 but usability will depend on the UI. something like white whale that has several important controls in the right half of 128 might not be usable at all, for instance.


Thank you for your advice, which I have taken! Looking forward to exploring richer forms of sequencing that the combination will allow. And I’ll wait and watch the development of Norns and the release of Crow with interest while I give my credit card a little breather!


i would have to suggest you purchase teletype, despite the steep learning curve.

it excels at infinite pattern generation, providing great variation from just a few scripts.

i am v new to teletype myself, only having a few days experience, but it’s really beautiful.
dive into the teletype studies on the monome site and really commit to learning.
requires effort and self-instruction, but it’s been really rewarding for me.

you could also consider all three and, if you prefer a physical sequencer, use grid to simply trigger teletype scripts that might provide evolving sound and variance to a grid sequence.


Thanks! I’ve been eyeing teletype for a while because coding generative sequences appeals a lot to me. Trouble is deciding what in my 6u case I would give up to fit it in…

Also I was a bit worried about whether the cables would dangle down in front of the screen in an annoying way because I like to patch my case at a nearly vertical angle rather than flat like the typical monome skiff cases.


always difficult to replace a module :grin:

i use mine vertically as well, but have teletype in the corner of the case to minimize clutter.

good luck!


Just following up on the whole replacing a module thing… I can already tell I’m destined to get a teletype at some point! But I need to find the the space for it in my case. So the question is: do I get rid of my Marbles (see how restrained I am in not saying “lose my Marbles”?!) or my Voltage Block. I’m leaning towards the former because it seems to me that Teletype can replicate most of its functionality. Is that right? But that leaves me without another clock source in the case other than Ansible or Teletype. Is that likely to be a problem?

Finally (and sorry for all the questions!) how important are the Teletype extenders. Was thinking I’d like some more CV ins for doing stuff like quantisation…

Thanks in advance!


The Teletype’s metronome seems to me to be a good, reliable clock source and the script commands can divide and offset it very flexibly. I find myself using as the only clock in my patch quite a bit these days - I like the way it works. As to whether it’ll be a problem for you, it’s hard to say. Really depends on what you do with it. Having another clock source is more flexibility but you could get plenty done without one.

My case is (nearly) vertical too. I won’t lie - the patch cables in front of the screen is a “thing” sometimes. Still trying to find the optimal placement to minimize that happening. I can almost always get the cables out of the way somehow. But it’s one of those things where you get in a zone with patching and sort of ignore the cables in front of the LCD for a while until it hits you all at once that this is really annoying you to have to try to see through them. And then you do some re-routing to eliminate it. Well that’s how it works for me anyway.

I don’t have any of the expanders yet. They don’t seem ‘critical’ in that there are 10,000,000 things the Teletype can do without them. Of course I’d like to get some so that my Teletype can do 100,000,000 things. :slight_smile:


hi simon, hope this finds you well. i think you should respectfully part with marbles. teletype can take over most, if not all, of its duties.

as a primary clock, it works wonders. you can set individual “section” tempo per scene, or even change the tempo in real time for live performance. scripting tempo is not as straightforward as twisting a knob in ableton, but it’s easy to get a handle on its flexibility once you’ve done a few scenes.

with regard to quantisation, i continue to defer to tt since i intend to use it as the brain for structured patterns in live performance, the hub from which all song data is generated (key signature, tempo, form, etc.).



Thank you! That’s super helpful advice… It’s a funny thing this modular game - I keep trading modules that I really love for ones that I love even more. Marbles is amazing, but it replaced Ornament and Crime, which I also loved!


I’ve been reading this forum and perusing the monome site and I still can’t understand where to start in the monome universe.

I’ve got a nice Eurorack rig including Mannequins other than W/…

I’ve got a nice Ableton setup with max for live…

Should I start with a grid?

Or Ansible?

Or Teletype?

Why, what is the logic in the sequence of adding one before another?



Personally, I would recommend a teletype (this should be taken with a grain of salt since teletype is the only monome gear I’ve got! (one day I’ll get a grid)). But you could use it right away with your Just Friends and unlock some pretty killer functionality there, as well as using it with the rest of your rack.


Thanks, that’s helpful.


My path was similar — Teletype (which really opened up my 6u system), and then on to Ansible/Grid as the logical extension of that first purchase. A lot to learn (I’ve barely scratched the surface), but that’s where the fun lies for me.

The technical marvel of i2c communication between TT and JF makes me sometimes almost cry tears of joy.


I feel like I may have gone backwards, but I picked up a Norns which is a heck of a lot of fun. But also quickly drove me to grab a Grid and the seller very easily talked me into an Ansible as well. I’m curious if this will drive me to ‘needing’ a Teletype.


The Grid is the quintessential monome instrument, and will work with Ableton/Max immediately. If you want to use it with modular then Ansible would be the next piece. Ansible without a Grid doesn’t do anything :slight_smile:

Teletype, Norns, etc are all great. But the Grid is the original, and really what monome is centred around.


It can be a midi / cv host. But conceptually agreed. Without the grid it does very little.