New to monome and modular: ask questions here


I felt that Teletype didn’t fit within my 6u system and would be better in a smaller system, especially a skiff. It will reward those who want to spend time with it - there’s definitely ‘ramp up’ time required.

Grid + Ansible is more tactile and accessible. It still requires some learning of the instrument, but it is less ‘cerebral’ than Teletype, if that makes sense.


Why do you think the size of the system made a difference?


Teletype felt functionally dense in a way that it made a lot of other modules unnecessary. I also felt that it is better to use in a skiff since the screen is easier to see that way. Of course there are ways around that and I’m not stopping anybody from using it in a larger system. This is just my preference and how it worked out for me.


I kind of wish I hadn’t bought a grid and teletype so close together, I feel like I haven’t learned either very well and I’ve had them for a few months now. I feel like with Ansible and Grid I just either use Meadowphysics in the eight trigger mode to trigger Teletype scripts that have very basic functions (CV controlling a sequence or slewing to modulate a parameter like filter cutoff, etc). I’ve been forcing myself the past few times I’ve sat down with my synth to just use Kria and the grid and ignore Teletype because it’s so daunting right now. I know Teletype is super powerful but from a beginner’s perspective I think wading into the Monome waters and really learning each thing piece by piece is a safer bet than accumulating a bunch all at once.


So would you have started with Grid and Ansible?


I think the real question is - what do you want to do? Do you want highly playable sequencing and controller? Or do you want deep and flexible cv scripting to write programs for you system?


This :slight_smile: …always…this :slight_smile:


Indeed. I love my Monome stuff, but it’s not magic. It still needs to serve a purpose for your music making. If it does it can be awesome, if it doesn’t then it might just be frustrating.


That’s helpful. I think I’d like both!


Sometimes you may not know what you want to do… maybe allow to be guided from the process itself…


Sure. But if I was about to spend $1000 on something, I’d want to already have been led to the need by the process. :slight_smile:


Wel…that’s why I guess the used items market is huge :wink:


I think getting caught up in “am I doing everything it can do” is a mistake. use things for what you want to use them for. If you feel there is more of value then be trick is to set yourself an exercise every so often: make a patch or piece based around function X you want t learn.

I’d also not worry if you don’t connect with a thing. Even if everyone else seems to. I sold my clouds for that reason - I didn’t find it useful for me. I get that loads of other people like it and that’s all cool.

Music making should also be fun. If you like having stuff & it makes you happy. Also all good


It’s great to learn all the features and explore as many uses as possible. Over time you build a vocabulary of things you can do.

But then it’s time to use that vocabulary to says what you want to say.



I got my Grid & Ansible this week. Day one, overwhelming and confusing… sort of. Day two, super fun with three varying length sequences and variation of notes due to probability. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun!


A fair point, but if you look at four channel, 16 step sequencers in Eurorack, with variable sequence length etc, (Kria) that price isn’t that shocking. Or that’s how I justified it to myself…!


For sure. The original question was asking about grid/Ansible or Teletype, which indicates to me that the person asking might not be sure what they really need, since those things are so different. If you said “I want a great four track eurorack sequencer” then grid/Ansible is a perfect choice! :slight_smile:


This is resonant with The Third Mind by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin…


I’m getting ready to pick up a Grid, Ansible and Teletype… thanks for the helpful info and especially to elips_s for the insights shared in person yesterday :+1:


Arc next year when they are back in stock…