New to monome, and monome + modular: ask questions here

Hello all, new here!

I decided to jump into the world of modular.

I’ve always being interested in Monome’s Grid and want to integrate this into a eurorack system!

It seems all the modular unit are out of stock on Monome’s website, will they ever be made again?

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ansible is a few months out. the older trilogy discontinued. they come up used here. would generally suggest a new edition grid (aluminum + white light)


hey thanks for the reply!

The new edition grid is the one FS on now?

Will I be able to get trilogy functions with ansible? Or are they totally different beasts.

I will indeed do more research on the forums & youtube!

Any tips would be appreciated! THANKS!

Ansible contains two grid sequencers/tools: Kria and Meadowphysics.

Meadowphysics began as a module; the version in Ansible is updated and a little different, but the principle remains the same.
Kria began as alternative firmware for the White Whale module; the Ansible version is updated and improved (and has four channels, not two).

The original firmwares of White Whale and Earthsea don’t have Ansible equivalents.

Beyond that: the official Ansible documentation is pretty detailed - grid apps are detailed below the Arc apps. There is also a lot of information on Lines I can recommend taking some time to search through.

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Cool! Appreciate the info!

How long do you think the Ansible will be back for sale?

@tehn mentioned a few month out, as in it has been sold out for a few month? or will it back in a few month. :stuck_out_tongue:


few months until it’s back in stock…

Ansible is in stock at Control Voltage

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Just wondering will the next production be a new version with new features?

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Thanks marcus, being following your music!

seems control voltage website is down atm? :frowning:

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Works for me, Ansible and Meadowphysics in stock

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I just picked one (ansible) up from control voltage.

Edit: @marcus_fischer beat me to it.

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Looks to be working now

Btw am I able to do traditional step sequencing with grid and ansible ?


You can find many videos online of the “kria” app included with Ansible. Kria is a 4 track step sequencer.

The manual does a pretty good job of explaining how it works.


Yes I’ve been reading the documents on and watching the videos but I still can’t quite get my head around it. It would be much easier if it was sitting in ground of me.

As I’m aware Kria is 4 track, am I able to seq different pitch of notes within the same track ? And also how do I go about inputing different pitch notes ? It’s not the same as traditional step sequencing where I input different note pitch values for each steps am I correct ? I don’t mind doing it a different way as it will usually create new melodic ideas. Just wondering if I can do it wh traditional ways as well ?!


In essence, it operates exactly how you want it to or it can operate completely differently.
There are 4 sequencer tracks.
Each track outputs trigger and/or gates.
Each track also outputs CV.
The triggers/gates can coincide with a specific CV sequence or they can be separated.

For instance, you can have a 5 step sequence spread out over a 4/4 bar of 16th notes. Where 5 steps of your choosing are activated. These steps will fire triggers or gates. They can fire the same 5 note CVs also or you can set a different sequence of notes that the 5 steps will cycle through. This can lead to very unexpected results.

But in short, yes, its a sequencer. You edit the steps/triggers on one page, the specific notes an another page, and the trigger/gate function on another page. You can break all of these out for really random and beautiful results or you can lock them in step to play specific melodies with the same precision/expectations of a normal 16 step sequencer.

Yes. It functions a lot differently than White Whale but you won’t be missing anything with Kria.


Sorry for all he typos above.

Was wondering how much of a difference is the white whale compared to the Kria?

I personally would not go searching for a White Whale over Ansible. I own both. In the end, I decided I just needed to pick one and stick with it. Kria is currently running on my WW if that tells you anything - this really just makes it easier for me but I don’t feel the need to revert back.

Really, you won’t really understand until you have it in front of you. To answer your most basic question, you can absolutely do basic step sequencing. However, you will probably quickly move past this and into new territory which is its real strength. Its a journey and step sequencing is just your first stop.


Hey thanks for taking the time to reply to my quires !

You mentioned the WW and Ansible is quite different, but at the end of the day the creative results is similar you reckon? In the WW documentation it mentions polyphony , chord sequence. Is this possible with Kria?

Kria running on my WW , haha not sure what that means but anyways.

Also the Earthsea looks very interesting as well, can I sorta get the same thing with Ansible!

Thanks again!

Also I was wondering if its possible to run an Ansible sequence into another Ansible sequence.

Say a melodic / chord pattern, into an arpeggio to create interesting happy accidents.

Also I’m not really into totally random melodic generation sorta work flow. I like to make a melody I like then run this into other generations to create variations and interesting results.

I feel personally, a lot of the modular music now is relying on the “computer” to create random sounds / ideas and sometimes can sound less musical imo. Not sure if this makes any sense.