New to monome, and monome + modular: ask questions here

Thanks for the great feedback. This seems like something I can grow into (and that is awesome).

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So another question. Hopefully this is clear. For a bit of background, I have quite a bit of experience with Max and PD, and a little with supercollider, octave/matlab. The various Norn scripts and different things you can do with it are extremely appealing, but honestly daunting. I am a bit hesitant about using the minimal amount of free time I have to code/script, as opposed to make music. I know there are scripts already available. Does Norns come as an empty slate, or are there scripts built it? Would the best way to integrate into modular be with Crow? It also looks like it plays nice with grids, but that isn’t available atm. I have gone over pretty much every video and tutorial I could find as well as some on the internet. The possibilities are awesome but I am a bit hesitant about something so open ended, as in I wouldn’t know where to start. Any help would be appreciated.

There are coming upto 100 scripts available for Norns in the library currently - containing a variety of different approaches, engines and functionality. For me, many of the stand out scripts tend to have a bias toward working with a live buffer and/or sequencing, though I’d love to see more sample manipulation scripts. I had expect to try my hand at the studies (i’ve no coding experience to speak of) - certainly I have plenty of ideas of things I’d love to try (K4815 // Pattern Generator port). However a young family and busy dayjob means I have been more than satisfied with using other peoples creations to help me with my music making. The bar really is so high !

I’m not sure I would get on so well without a grid, though plenty of people seem to. Crow is on the list next, to better integrate my euro system. It’s a fun rabbit hole for sure.


Hi, not sure if this is in the best place, but here goes: after buying Grid and Ansible a couple years back to sequence my rack, I’ve started to phase out my modular, or at least downsize it.

I’ve sold my Ansible, but kept my Grid, knowing how it can be applied to many different programs. I’ve done some hunting and pecking and playing, downloading various scripts, attempting with various degrees of success to get them working in Live 10 and Max 8. And I’ve brought my laptop and Grid on a 2 week summer vacation to do further exploration.

So my question is a broad one (and a subjective one, knowing how open-ended the Grid is designed to be):

where to start? what are some of your favorite applications of the grid that led to mind-expanding, a-ha moments that this is the interface for you?

(Moderators: if there is a “New to Grid” thread somewhere, or if this should be a new thread, please let me know)

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Search the maxforlive, grid and max tags in the Library category, you’ll find some goodies there such as this

EDIT: And this doc page on


I get a lot of satisfaction out of building little utilities like this: Grid Single/Double/Long Press Detector

And yeah +1 to @yobinkfor reverse engineering other projects that interest you! Even if you learn just one little piece of it you’ve made progress.


Hey gang, this is probably the wrong thread, but here goes. Am using Meadowphysics (which I’ve used on norns a lot) on an Ansible for the first time. In 4CV/4TR mode, how does Ansible decide when and where to send triggers? CV1/TR1 behave as expected, but CV2/TR2 appears to fire according to some other time base.

I didn’t see anything in the docs. Did I miss it?

Edit: some deeper forum searching yielded this answer, which I assume to still be correct: Meadowphysics / Ansible question

Hey good people. Is currently the only way to directly integrate an arc into a modular setup via ansible? I was expecting to find arc ops for teletype but didn’t find any. Not in possession of an arc but in the research phase.

if you have Norns and a way to get midi into the system, this could be an alternative. I don’t have an Arc, but I’ve run Grid-utilizing scripts into my Hermod (when Crow is otherwise engaged).

Levels and Cycles are the two Ansible apps to bring Arc into the modular, you can have a look at their documentation here. As for Teletype and Arc, there is some integration via Ansible in the manual here.

edit for clarity…

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Thanks @Gexex and @Voiron27 for the replies. Unfortunately what I was expecting. I have a Teletype and am not really looking to add an Ansible atm, a Crow I might want to add later so via my Norns could be an option, but I still like the idea of a direct connection into Teletype. Anyone any idea why there aren’t Arc ops? Is it technically possible?

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Sure, it’s technically possible, but the grid functionality for Teletype was a rather huge undertaking. Someone might be interested, it’s maybe a little less obvious to me how it would work.


Arc --> Max --> Crow would work too if that’s a route you’re interested in.

I’d be interested in what would be possible for Arc and Teletype but I struggle to imagine a scenario that isn’t what’s covered by Arc+Ansible or otherwise.

I didn’t know the grid functionality was such a big effort, but glad it’s there! As for implementing Arc functionality I guess Ansible+Arc-like Teletype scenes could be an end goal (technically no clue). I was just surprised to find no mention of it and thinking out loud if I could prevent needing an Ansible when committing to an Arc :slight_smile:

What are you trying to do? What’s your current roadblock?

Curious to the point of connection between your monome gear and your existing gear.

Currently building a norns shield and grids and wondering if Ansible is my best option.

you’ll want to get serialosc running on your computer (, then you can mess around with your grid and mlrv (which you can get here: mlrv has the quantization and transposition tools built in. this is a really good video overview of how that software works:

as far as i understand it, arc will work with a monome64 but only if the software/app/patch you plan to use supports a 64 and arc.

i’m relatively new to all of this, so hopefully this info isn’t too incorrect.

I have an older 64 grid and a newish 128 grid and I was wondering if there are any suggestions on how this could possibly give me an edge with Ableton 10.

The 128 will work with newer hardware so I figured I could have that work with Teletype and other hardware while the 64 works with Ableton during sessions, but my limited knowledge pretty much caps out my ingenuity there haha.


How does a CV.OCD by sixty four pixels compare with the Ansible for modular control?

Well, they are not really comparable. Ansible comes with a number of apps depending on the controller you use (like kria, meadowphysics and earthsea if you use a grid) that will give you a very particular sort of sequencing. It does midi to cv conversion, but to me, that would not be a reason to buy one. If all you’re looking for is midi to cv, cv.ocd is better (and cheaper!). I owned two for a while in combination with a squarp pyramid and they were great and very configurable. Now, I prefer the flavours that ansible gives me but it really depends on your use case. What are your goals for controlling your modular? Do you want to use existing midi sequencers in conjunction with your modular or do you want to explore what the monome community has dreamt up?