New to monome, and monome + modular: ask questions here

Is it possible to connect Shield to my Mac via USB and have audio (and possibly midi) from/to Shield within my DAW (Ableton) ?

Norns and your computer are both USB midi hosts, so they cannot talk to each other directly. You can use something like this though: 2host - a DIY USBMIDI host-to-host adapter

Audio should be possible, but I have never tried!

Ah what a shame. Thanks for the link though. Looks like this one should work as well:

I have the SevillaSoft device and it works great between an iPad and Ansible

I think it’s on their “to do” list but i have been meaning to install this one anyways

Having a hard time finding information—Interested in working in experimenting with just intonation using my Ansible/Grid. Is this possible? (If so… how?) I am also learning my Teletype, if this is more of a Teletype… thing.

There are JI just intonation ops on teletype!


AGH. Thank you so much! I knew it had to be simple. I guess I’ll just have to keep working with the ol’ teleype.

Just received my Norns Shield; super fast delivery from Monome. Quick question: how do you transfer already recorded wav files to Norns ? With Maiden ?

No, not with Maiden. This page explains (audio) file transfer and other useful things in detail:

For details on Maiden, please see this page:

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Thanks Wolfgang.

It does look a bit more complicated than when you transfer files to the Er-301 - where you just take the SD card of the Er-301, put it into your computer and add the files in a specific folder.

" Now… to do the file management you’re looking for, you could use SAMBA to mount the drive of the norns like you would an network hard drive. However, this would still be over WiFi rather than via USB. Installing SAMBA would require a bit of installing extra software on the norns, which may be a bit above your current power-level by the sound of things."

As a stock norns user I have to use WiFi for file transfer, as there is no SD card to begin with. The transfer rate via WiFi (via the WiFi adapter that shipped with my stock norns) was quick enough for me.

Also, there was no need to install additional software, neither on norns, nor on macOS to get the Samba protocoll running. So I am not sure what the quote at the end your reply (“Installing SAMBA would require a bit of installing extra software on the norns, …”) means.

If you want to read/write from/to norns shield’s SD card on macOS or Windows, the norns documentation hints to these page for “the adventurous”:

File transfer via wifi is pretty fast & straightforward.

Thanks for the inputs Wolfgang - will dive into it.

Did you see the official guide?

(See the section called transfer for detailed setup instructions for your OS.)

It’s really pretty simple, a straightforward use of the file sharing features provided by your host OS. i find this more convenient than physical transfer by SD card - e.g. the shared contents update in real time as you use norns - but as mentioned you can also mount the SD card if you need to.

(the caveat there is that the SD card is formatted as ext4, which can be read natively on linux but requires third-party software to mount on macOS/windows. If it is hugely desirable to have audio data on a separate FAT partition you can also set it up that way - doing so requires basic familiarity with linux and is beyond the scope of this comment)

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Another newbie question from me. I got stereo output when running audio out from Shield - for example from Awake.

However I got only one side of audio when plugging audio into Shield (see attached).

Did try to follow instructions (attached) without luck. I can change level of “out” or “in” as stereo pairs. But I can not change the level input for L/R individually when following levels instructions. Any hints ?

I would first discard if the cable is in good condition (try with another one) and if the original audio source is in stereo

Thanks Blit - already did that.

Hi everybody, I’m “new” in the Norns world (still don’t own one), very interested in the concept but a little bit confused on what is possible to do with the machine, especially how to navigate and search for algorithms or engine or what you call them… if I have a specific function in mind where do I can search? (I’m not a programmer btw, I’m willing to learn if necessary)

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Hi there! Welcome to Norns World.

I would say that is the best place to quickly find scripts that fit your interest.

Otherwise the Library section here on ines is good, especially sorted with a norns tag. Pretty much any and all scripts have been written about and discussed in there.