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Another newbie question from me. I got stereo output when running audio out from Shield - for example from Awake.

However I got only one side of audio when plugging audio into Shield (see attached).

Did try to follow instructions (attached) without luck. I can change level of “out” or “in” as stereo pairs. But I can not change the level input for L/R individually when following levels instructions. Any hints ?

I would first discard if the cable is in good condition (try with another one) and if the original audio source is in stereo

Thanks Blit - already did that.

Hi everybody, I’m “new” in the Norns world (still don’t own one), very interested in the concept but a little bit confused on what is possible to do with the machine, especially how to navigate and search for algorithms or engine or what you call them… if I have a specific function in mind where do I can search? (I’m not a programmer btw, I’m willing to learn if necessary)

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Hi there! Welcome to Norns World.

I would say that is the best place to quickly find scripts that fit your interest.

Otherwise the Library section here on ines is good, especially sorted with a norns tag. Pretty much any and all scripts have been written about and discussed in there.


Hello Everyone,

I’m new to Norns and want to explore it’s sampling capabilities. What size/length samples would provide me with a good start for learning multiple apps? (Mlr, etc.).


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What’s the best way to connect my Norns Shield audio into my Make Noise 7u case for effects and processing? 7u case has only mono input built-in, so if I use that I lose stereo sound from Norns. If I still want to do that I’m kind of confused what kind of cable should I use? Or if I plug Norns straight into a VCA using two channels to preserve stereo - what’s the right cable for this job? And does it matter if the cables are balanced or unbalanced? I’m hoping I don’t need to buy a new module for this :smiley:

If I understand correctly, you just need a TRS to TS splitter cable (Y cable), like this one to use the case ports : pro snake TPY 2030 KPP – Thomann UK
Balanced or unbalanced depends on your input device. Intellijel Stereo Line in 1U works with both for example : Stereo Line In 1U - intellijel
To plug directly into a VCA I use this splitter cable : but your VCA need to be able to boost the signal enough (MI Veils does that for example).

Thanks for the help! I don’t think I have the right cables atm. So I need to go cable shopping and try what you suggested.

What’s in your case? There are a number of ways to bring stereo audio into a eurorack rig, but without knowing what you already have for modules, it’s hard to make a recommendation.

24.10.2021 - Eurorack Modular System from tussutuke on ModularGrid I have something like this. The two upper rows are the 7u case and lower is a 3 u skiff. I actually got it kind of working with Intellijel Quad VCA. I used a 2x 6,3 mm Mono jack to Stereo jack cable from Norns Shield, but I had to put this kind adapter after both the mono cables: Goobay 3,5 mm uros - 6,3 mm naaras -audioadapteri – Adapterit – 3.5mm-6.3mm – Audiokaapelit – Kaapelit – . I got stereo sound into Quad VCA but I think one of my adapters is faulty because I would lose the left side audio if I wouldn’t hold the cable in a specific way. Even when I got boths sides working properly for a moment there was quite a bit of noise that I don’t hear if I play the norns straight into my soundcard.

I also tried a splitter adapter that has one male stereo minijack that I can plug into my Norns shield’s output and that divides from the other side into two female mono minijacks (tip and ring I suppose? this is kind of similar to the third splitter cable GrrrOwl recommended). I plugged regular patch cables into this and the quad vca but only the right side of audio was getting through.

I’m really confused about all this cable stuff :smiley: but I guess I should just get 2x 3,5 mm Mono jack to Stereo jack cable so I don’t need to use adapters before. Or just buy new adapters for 6,3 → 3,5, even though it’s kind of clunky to plug these into the modular.

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The hosa ymm 261 should work for getting the stereo signal out of the norns shield and ready to plug into eurorack inputs using standard eurorack cables.

I see that you have a Morphagene. That is probably able to amplify the line level signal from the shield using its adjustable gain settings.

The Tallin may be able to bring line levels up to eurorack levels but I’m not sure about that.

You would probably enjoy keeping the shield signal in stereo rather than reducing it to mono!

Edit: if you’re having dropouts from one channel you may have a defective cable…

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Yes the adapter I was using is probably faulty. I’ll try to find the hosa cable tomorrow somewhere. The similar adapter I have might work differently. Yeah I have many modules that can do the job of boosting the levels. Quad VCA seemed to do the job also.

Anyway thanks for the help. I’ll try again with better luck and better cables tomorrow.

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I’m excited to say I’ve finally placed an order for a Grid.

I use both modular and ableton, but Ansible is still out of stock for now so I figured I’d pick up the Grid and start using it with Ableton to begin with and pick up an Ansible later on.

What should be the first apps I should try with Ableton when it arrives?


this is a cool collection of devices for controlling ableton: Terms | monome/docs

this page in general is a good resource: computer | monome/docs


Ah, sorry, yes I’ve already read through that. But obviously without trying things out for myself It’s kinda hard to tell until the grid arrives.

I was hoping people might jump in with some of their favourites. :slight_smile:

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when i received my first grid these three apps brought me instant joy:
anachronism by @andrew, conway by @tyleretters and grainfields by @kasperskov


Not tied to Ableton (but generate midi) but my grid classics are Parc, Polygome, and Press Cafe.

For standalone/audio processing The Party Van can’t be beat.


This MLR inspired max device is also excellent - re:mix

I have a Crow and a Grid on the way. I plan on using grid with Max, which will then send control voltage back out to modular with Crow.

That said, I’ve been considering both Teletype and Ansible as ways to use the Grid without my computer. Is Ansible’s functionality a subset of Teletype’s? It seems that parts of Ansible (like Earthsea) exist as concepts within Teletype, but I’m not sure if they can be used the same way.

Ansible seems so much more approachable, but I’m not going to hunt one down if I can get the same things from Teletype.