New to monome, and monome + modular: ask questions here

Dear - thank you so much: I know this one as well…when I mean really beginners, I mean: which wires - for what ports, how to load it, how to connect with computer or other gear - such as an Audiointerface. WHAT happens before and after switching it on…it sounds stupid, but so far - I have not found one video that shows the “behind” the scene things…I guess that’s so because most of the people out there may already have some experience with electronic gear. But you can’t tell a person that wants to be able to drive a car just to plug in the keys and drive… I need that kind of basic lesson that you’ll get BEFORE you even enter the car (without getting to deep into the thing already - it’s like the who is who)…R.

You mentioned above it’s the DIY version of Norns…
Is it fully assembled?
Does it power on?

Dear - not yet. I have no micro USB (B?) wire yet, so I try to get one here … I am in wonderful Portugal right now, have to find a shop with technical stuff :crazy_face: :woozy_face: … I did not prepare myself good enough before leaving. So, no wire - no play, hahahaha…omg!

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ah, first things first - power!

Refer to the link below for power supply info. Power supply type will depend on which raspberry pi you are using:

  • raspberry pi 3B: micro-USB (minimum 2.5 amps)
  • raspberry pi 4: USB-C

Hello! Is there a norns script that sends quantized voltages (with selectable scales) from Grid out of Crow? So something like the Just Play that sends cv out from crow’s outputs?

Edit: Just realized that Just Play literally does this :rofl:


checkout colorwheel. it has lots of different outputs, including crow.


yeeeeeees! is working!I have a raspberry 3B built in…and I did fiddle around a bit. Do not know how to stop the script once it’s running yet - even though it sounds amazing. And yes, now I have to figure out HOW to switch between layers and find my way back HOME agin… :joy: :kissing_heart:_thank you dear 4 taking the time…

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Hello, new to monome and found a 64 grid going cheap after a long time spent yearning.
The plan is to eventually get a norns shield but in the meantime i want to try out coding, ive used sonic pi but only beginner level with coding.
Ive seen videos from around 2008 of people using grid without norns, with coding, but can’t find anything recent. Would anybody be able to let me in on software/scripts to use?
(I don’t have Max for live but i do have ableton standard.)

Most eagerly want to use grid for sample sequencing!

Thank you in advanced,

@a.w – have you checked out this page?


Check out pure data. I believe there is a grid studies on the monome site that will get you up and running and pure data is 100% free alternative to max that is very similar in design.

Edit: index


My gridofpoints script does this, and it should be pretty easy to mod if you want to add your own features.


hey guys/gals

new to monome in general but just got myself a norns shield…I’m having fun just playing around with the norns on its own (as I have no other monome device) and it’s great fun. I’ve searched around on here for the various scripts and their manuals just to get me started on a few but I just wondered…In your opinion, are there any good threads on here or any youtube vids that would be perfect for a beginner like me? Loopops video was very informative for me pre-purchase but that was more of a review

I’ve watched plenty of good ones. Just wondered if anyone knew of any beginner-friendly guides that I may have missed?


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i would say the norns docs are your best bet, not aware of any guides on the forum. the docs are pretty comprehensive though for the overall system, and then each individual script has documentation as well. makes finding new scripts a little simpler too (although last time i checked it was not an exhaustive list). hope that helps!



that docs link was my first thing I went through! the norns community looks interesting tho! hadn’t seen that!

In my first post I just kinda meant, is there any place or videos that you found very helpful when you first got started with a norns?

I will def check the community tho! thanks

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how about?

as usual on this channel, it’s more an in-depth intro than a simple review.


yeah! I mentioned in my first post that this vid was very helpful to me in deciding to purchase! very informative but, at present, I only have a norns on it’s own…so some scripts he demonstrates, while looking/sounding incredible, they’re kind of irrelevent to me. I saw this vid as much more of an in-depth review as you said!

good shout tho! thanks

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I’m currently working on a video like this. If all goes well, it should be up sooner than later. If you have any specific questions I can throw into the video, please do let me know—I want to make it as comprehensive as possible for beginners.


oh thas awesome! gimme a heads up when it goes live! no specific questions at the mo but if I think of any I’ll message you!

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I’m gonna need this when I finally get my norns!!!


@watercolor I see my post has now moved to this one and I can now see some posts about similar situations!

I would also echo @FRITZI comments about the connections…it seems really noob-ish but there is a lack of it in tutorial vids. I managed to figure mine out on first try but there were no clear details about the ports for norns shield version. Even on the docs, the normal version is clearly labelled but the shield not. I think I remember reading somewhere that the hdmi port is NOT used and I read similar somewhere else about the Pi headphone port is also NOT used. That’s not mentioned in vids I watched

also…in some versions of the shield, the in and out ports are labelled with a in/out arrow. Mine was not but as most vids don’t actually show you the back of the unit when connecting I had to use a front facing view of the unit and guess which port to use as a line out based on the gap between the line out cable and power cable!

no biggie but would be most handy to know for complete beginners