New to monome, and monome + modular: ask questions here

you’ve gotten great suggestions on where to start already but I just wanted to add a data point to say that while I learned a lot from the studies, what actually got me internalizing that learning was wanting to make something and having to learn for the purpose of making that thing. if something strikes your fancy in that way, I’d say go for it, even before you think you’re ready.


Hi, I am wondering where is the best forum/website to find a secondhand grid and teletype?
I have been looking at modwiggler and wigglehunt for the past two weeks or so, but I haven’t been able to find any unfortunately. I remember seeing one grid+norns that was asking for a ridiculous price, but other than that, I didn’t come across any, so I’m wondering if that’s just how it is with monome products since they’re not the most mainstream thing or if there’s another forum/website that is widely used for these type of rather esoteric products?

I bought a Grid about a month ago from reverb[dot]com but - like all used equipment these days - it wasn’t cheap (worth it to me, though!)


This is probably the best place for anything monome related, given that it’s the monome community after all :sunglasses:

These instruments are treasured by their users but every so often they come up for sale.

It’s not going to hurt to keep an eye on wigglehunt and reverb as well, of course.


It’s been almost two years since I built my fates and grid, but I still can’t find a great use in my live setup for them. My goal is to use them as a sampler AND sequencer for a mono synth.
So far, the only script which seem to do best for me is cheat codes 2, and i do like it, but would gladly try some others.
Can anyone point me to their favourite sequencer/samplers? I like so much MLR but is a sampler, and i like metrix but is a sequencer. Can a good script do both??

You might want to post this here:


For anyone who has used both the Norns and Shield, what are the biggest advantages to the Norns? I love my shield and am considering upgrading when the next batch of Norns is released. I am curious though if it’s mostly a vibe / inspirational difference? Obviously the ports are different, but is there any difference in sound quality?


it is kinda wonky from a usability perspective but the splnkr script does sequencing and sampling


Mostly the look and feel, but also the 1/4" I/O and battery power integrated.

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if it helps, we consider shield a consumer-level audio device, whereas standard norns are fully isolated pro-audio units. under ideal circumstances, there’s no noise difference between the two, but since the shield Pi unit has everything built into a smaller footprint, right against the shield board, RF interference and other noise can bleed into the audio lines. environment variables will compound this likelihood. standard norns does not have any of this susceptibility, as the audio lines are isolated with a lot more physical distance between all of the components. yes, the enclosure is gorgeous and the physicality feels nice to play and the battery backup is really comforting – but to me, it’s the assurance of getting totally clean signal (in or out) under any circumstance that sets the two apart.


New shield user here: on the back there are 3 mini jack ins/ outs. The top two are the input and output but that’s the one beneath the input? I can’t figure out what it does and haven’t found any info on it. I thought it could be a headphone out for monitoring but I don’t get any sound coming out of it.

That’s the stock audio jack on the raspberry pi. Does nothing for norns.



Ha! Thanks, I was really having a hard time figuring out what was up with it.

that is super helpful, thanks

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Hi, I hope this is the right place for my question. I have had a norns for 2 months and I am quite happy with it. My setup is basically Ciat Lonbarde, a shared system and a 208c. I have a love hate relationship with ambient and what interests me the most is soundscape based drone, field recording, feedback. All this to get to my question. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a good idea to buy a grid for my norns. I’m most interested in norns for audio fx, especially anything granular, sampling/delay and a little bit of synth scripting. Is the grid still interesting in my case or should I go for other types of controllers?Thanks!

With drone-oriented music, you might find a 16N faderbank (or the AtoV rework) more useful. You can map its faders to all kinds of things in many Norns scripts. I love my Grid but I covet a 16N!


Thank you for your advice. I have a feeling that this type of controller will not allow me to play with granular fx and all that sampling. Maybe have both in this case, I don’t know.

there’s certainly nothing stopping you from using granular fx and the like with 16n.

the thing with the 16n is that it can be mapped to most any parameter in a norns script, by the “end user” while grid needs to be coded into the script for it work.


Thank you for this clarification!

Hi All,
Feel like this is a dumb question but worth an ask. I’ve got a grid that i use with my norns or ansible all the time, love it. I’m wondering if i can use it with Ableton Lite for midi note entry WITHOUT a M4L license at all. I rarely make music on my laptop, its usually just for finishing up recordings, but it would be nice to use my grid as a keyboard.