New to monome, and monome + modular: ask questions here

Thanks for the prompt and informative reply, I shall try and report back : D

I feel so ridiculous.

So I’ve been on Lines for months, mostly lurking. Lost and staying clear of TT/Norms threads because I have no idea WTH anything is about, yet intrigued by it all. Wanting something ‘wildcard’ to add to my small eurorack.

Only just found out, by error, that there’s a Monome library in VCV… so I can learn and test the TT.



It’s only been a month or two and only very recently bought up to the most recent 4.0 version :slight_smile: have fun!!
The Teletype Studies are an excellent starting point, and if you prefer video, these simple tutorials and these more advanced (but still easy to grasp with the first few studies) ones.
Welcome to the best lil corner of eurorack! And be sure to check out Flash Crash on Saturday for some Teletypes live coding madness :smiley:

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Whoa, dude! Said like the turtle from Finding Nemo. Awesome post.

I actually came here looking for this information and you were in a separate universe, answering my question already.

Or something.

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Yup. Zsa Zsa’s playlist is exactly where I’m at because it’s definitely my pace as a beginner to coding. Evidently things are opening back up where I live [re: pandemic] so my day job has all my time again. But Zsa+VCV is my night school. Lol
What’s/Where’s Flash Crash?

A live coding live stream put together by a bunch of us teletypers, this Saturday on the lines community twitch channel :slight_smile:


I am thrilled to finally having ordered a Norns Shield - and later a Grid, when it’s in stock :grinning:

How do you all manage to memorize the various functions of the Grid buttons that varies from patch to patch ? Without having any experience with the Grid, it does seems to be a bit of a challenge to remember all those dfferent functions when using different patches.

My own plan is to start out only using MLR the first couple of weeks in order to getting familiar with the Norns/Grid ecosystem.

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each script is different. most will have some documentation on supported grid functionality :smiley: for me, the best way to build familiarity is to just dive in with the docs nearby


I had wondered about this a lot too. I’ll say from my experience its a lot like learning any other instrument, say the guitar. You play with it over and over again and, at first, you have to look at the “chord charts”. Keep chipping away at it, and becomes a map in your mind. At least that’s the way it works for me. I’ve mostly played with MLR and compass. I’m still a bit intimidated by cheat codes for exactly this reason. I suspect if I gave it 15m or more of practice a day it would start to make sense for me though.

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Bought the Norns as a more intuitive alternative to my OD Er-301/101/102 setup. I gotta say that I have been amazed with the Er-301 setup for the last 3 years. But some of the Norns/Grids videos does sound pretty fantastic and FUN.

Apart from that I use Ableton/Logic and have got 25 years of experience with Pro Tools. During the past 20 years I’ve spend 14-16 hours a day creating music, so practice is not a challenge lol


Good points Xinniw. Yup Cheat Codes does look awesome, but deep.

Hello! Norns and grid user here :smile:
I’m fascinated by crow and wondering, can it talk via i2c to txo/txi? Or are they expanders only for teletype?
I’m planning to use crow only with norns or max for live.


It absolutely can!

(Just filling in 20 characters here.)


So i can expand input and outputs of a crow? I’m sold. Thank you!


Hey everyone, I’m somewhat new to the norns/grid world but have been a long time fan for 10+ years. I’ve been enjoying using crow and JF with it in general, but was wondering if anyone can point me towards an app that would have some creative chord sequencing for JF outside of just using MIDI.

Love y’all,


I don’t have an app recommendation, but I spend a lot of time programming Teletype and Crow to make JF play chord progressions. I’m happy to help think through stuff or answer any questions you might have about that!


Is it possible to record into the tape on norns using only the input and none of the internal sound? I want to generate sound on norns, run it through a pedal and back into the input, but record only the fully wet signal onto norns.


There’s a lot of examples of programs like MLR and Cheat Code within Norns processing incoming audio. But is it also possible to use imported audio files with these programs ?

yes, both cheat codes and mlr can use imported files. scripts have to be designed to use imported audio files, so some scripts will be able to and some won’t.


So I’ve been around for a while here, but not until recently has Norns piqued my interest. I’m curious about using Shield to sequence external gear via cv. I know a few people have asked about the technical side of this above but I wondering if I’m barking up the wrong tree from a use-case perspective. I recently dumped the majority of my euro and I’m mostly living in the banana world with Serge and Ciat Lonbarde. I am feeling like I want a generative sequencer though. I know there’s a handful of stuff in euro that I could still get but I like the idea of learning to modify code if there’s something I don’t like. What I’m wondering is, for those that use Norns to sequence external gear, is it worth the hassle of getting everything to talk and connect with a midi to cv convertor when you can just use a dedicated hardware sequencer?

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