New Weekly Mix Series ' Ambient Occlusion '

Hey all,

I just debuted the first episode of my new weekly mix series titled ’ Ambient Occlusion ’ - releasing on mixcloud every Friday

For some background, i spent the majority of my career playing shows and being the dj/producer archetype but after some mental health problems relating to the scene i was in i took a long break and stopped that career entirely to work on myself.

Its been a couple years now and i’m ready to start curating music again because i guess i have somewhat of an obsession with curation and sharing said curations.

This series tip toes around the outskirts of ambient, house, breakbeat, and generally groovy stuff ~
I plan to have some guest dj’s on in the coming episodes.

Hope anyone out there can get some use out of these mini sonic journeys for anything from productivity to keeping your mind off of coronavirus



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Do you have a track listing? I just started it, and I’m already intrigued :smiley:

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I added all the tracks and timestamps into mixcloud :slight_smile: should say the current track playing at the bottom next to the transportation controls