New York Times - The 1619 Project

The New York Times Magazine is doing a really important project in remembrance of 400 years since the beginning of chattel slavery in the United States. In my mind, essential reading for all Americans. I haven’t finished reading the whole magazine yet, but I watched the youtube stream of the introductory event, and my understanding is this project will be ongoing beyond the most recent edition of the magazine, including podcasts, future articles, teaching materials, etc. I don’t want to be too optimistic, but it seems like this might be an endeavor that really makes a difference in the effort to reframe the legacy of slavery in this country. Would love to have some respectful discussion on it on the internet, because twitter is wild and full of people’s hot takes who clearly haven’t read or engaged with the material at all.

For those without a nytimes subscription: (not sure how long that will be up, but I have a downloaded version if it goes down)


Read the first article and I have also downloaded a copy to keep. Eye-opening and a lot to think about.

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Just when I was about to cancel my subscription after another bs headline following a litany of bad editorial calls they pull me back in.

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if you skip to around 1:39:30 in the video the very first question they field from the audience is related to this (“how is the new york times going to use this information to inform their coverage” - approximate quote). the answers are kind of interesting, some are mushy of course, on the other hand Eve Ewing is much harsher on them (I think she answers this question in the course of the following question, if you’re trying to find it). The most interesting to me was the idea that, while this wont directly influence coverage in the short term, it might cause an important cultural shift within the institution. One can only hope… but also one will probably have to wait for that change to be felt.

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Well, she was perhaps alluding to the Stephen Miller “firebrand” and El Paso aftermath headlines. Sure there will be self-congratulatory moves toward wokeness, but I’m not optimistic about the general horse race politico coverage that has emerged there.

Because the paper has been rewarded with clicks.
“No clear links to Russia,” sitting on Alfa Bank story, the Rosenstein being fired narrative, repeating Giuliani’s and WH lawyer nonsense, Barr’s conference. The constant attempts to normalize or make coherent statements borne from malignant narcissism and bad faith. In my opinion NY Times political coverage in last few years has been an unmitigated disaster and I will never forgive them.

But I digress.

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Just listed to Wesley Morris’ episode of the podcast and thought this deserves a bump. Good listening for anybody interested in American music of any kind :stuck_out_tongue: