Newb here needs your monome Grid help


I have a few questions in regards to grids. I am very tempted to buy the grid + ansible bundle, I believe I have exhausted my attempts to find any more videos on the web to show and teach how to use it and yet I am still unsure if it can do what I have in mind.

I have 6U/104HP eurorack with some decent modules but I want to replace my metropolis with a grid + ansible for more control. (Here is my current rack for reference). Is it possible for me to play/configure a 32 note sequence on grids? or is it possible to program a 4x6 notes pattern and have it to sound like a 32 note sequence?

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Hello and welcome!

Ansible + Grids is an incredibly flexible combo, with a very straight forward and minimal approach to writing sequences in Kria. It’s great to be able to take up less hp while also being able to run four different sequences independently, each with their own length and timing, though still tied to the tempo of Ansible or an incoming clock source. It can be a little confusing to get your head around just reading the documents and watching videos, what’s better is if you can have a play in conjunction with this.
Ansible also comes with Meadowphysics software, switchable with the push of a button, which is a completely different approach to sequencing that can produce some interesting results.

Check out this software update which addresses some of your concerns:

If I were in your position I’d use Metropolis and Ansible together!

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I will take the opportunity to ask this here as I’m waiting on my grid and ansible delivery :smiley: does Kria / Meadowphysics always require a clock in or can you set a tempo internally? Thanks :slight_smile: :sunny:

ansible can generate clock or accept an external one :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks for the good news :slight_smile: :+1: