Newbie here!

Just bought a Monome 128 yesterday from and Im waiting anxiously! As I do wait, I was wondering about links to any vids that might be helpful to a beginner. Also, wondering what is best way to learn. With the software straight up, or Maxforlive versions? I would like to get a firm grasp of the software and be able to use it live performance.

Also, I watched a video, where someone was using either Sum or Mlr, and they were using a controller to maybe scroll through/load samples live? Is that possible? Id like to be able to perform a long set without stopping and loading up a new song set? In the vid, they were using two controllers, one a midiKeyboard, the other a controller I have never seen beforeā€¦ I also noted in the video, they were using rewire to Ableton so they could apply effects in a live setting (like glitch, and delay, etc.).

I was wondering also, if there would might ever be a way to handle and use plug-ins within or in tandem with Monome apps?