Newbie in Brazil

Hello guys,

I am new in the world of monome, I have been reading and trying to learn how to use the unit for a while. Now I have a 40h I bought this month from a guy in Brazil. (serial number 66!!!)

I have some questions I still do not understand exactly and I wonder if you could help me.

I use Ableton Live 9 and have the M4L6. Using only the M4L I can use all the applications made for monome without having to purchase a license of the new max7 for example?

I have used Monome Sum but could not saving any preference for example, every time I open the program, I have to redo the parameters such as tempo and the synth. I can’t save the parameters for not having a max7 license?

I know this must be very obvious questions, but it would help me to know if I need to buy a license or not to be able to use my monome properly.

And also I would like to know if there’s anyone else here in Brazil, so I can talk about doubts and music.

(sorry for my bad english!)



I’m new to Monome as well and had similar questions not long ago. Monome_Sum is a stand-alone app. It doesn’t require Max to run. As for the other Grids apps, I don’t think they can run with M4L6. Try the Max 7 demo. You don’t need to buy Max unless you want to modify or create your own apps. As to save your current settings, the option usually appears as Write in some apps. In Monome_Sum, just go to File and Save.

Max7 is not really required mostly. In fact, some apps don’t run well on max7. I’ts just easier with because serialosc.maxpat is included. If you’re running max6 (which you are when using m4l6), you need to put a current serialosc.maxpat in Applications/Max 6.x/Patches folder (osx). Then you should be able to run monome apps with the max runtime which is included in the install.

You can’t just run max apps in m4l in general.

But you don’t need a Max License to run monome apps.

Don’t worry about asking questions, everbody is friendly here. Ask them specific, with the steps you tried. It helps if we know which app you’re trying to run and your specific setup.

edit: just realised how short the setup instruction has become and my info was is a bit outdated.

have fun!

Thanks guys for your attention!
Sorry for the long time to answer.

I figured out about the serialosc and installed it, everything is good now, and i’m happy that I can save the money and don’t need to purchase the max license now. For now I just want to learn how to use the existent apps, I don’t want to modify nothing.

I discover how to use MIDI out from Poligomé app for exemple and now I can send it to a track in Ableton, I’m trying to use monome apps with Ableton effects. But when I create other tracks in Ableton, to use other synth inside Ableton for exemple, I lost my monome connection in the first track. I don’t know what happens.

In other ways, what I’m trying to discover is how to use monome apps with other sounds and effects. I saw a video this week in @instantjuggler Instagram with @tehn playing monome and op-1. I imagined that him was playing with op-1 sounds, right?

I know that as I’m new in monome world, I should search for answers in the old forum (and believe, I’m digging there!) but sometimes I even know what exactly I need to search. Maybe there is a lack of how to teach beginners to use and understand monome properly, the basics.

It’s funny, because now I spend more time searching for answers than playing =)
I think this is a huge part with monome.

Again, thanks for your attention!

hey man! welcome to the forum!! so in the video on my insta account tehn is using the app mlrv and feeding the sounds from the op-1 into that app, chopping them up with the grid. so he is live sampling the op-1 and not playing the op-1 sounds directly through the grid. however, once he records the op-1 into mlrv then he can manipulate the sounds there using the grid. hope this helps!

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