Newbie: LED upgrade on monome grid 256?

hello folks,
i’m brand-new here and very happy to (hopefully soon) be a part of this community : ) as of today, i’ve purchased my first monome grid 256 via german ebay and i can’t wait to get it.

now i’d love to know: is it possible to upgrade this monome to a led-variable-version? i know nothing about this stuff yet but i am guessing this is the place to ask.

if it is possible: how does it work? is it a diy project? or do i need to send the machine in somewhere? or can it even be done with a firmware update? i’m so lost!

this is the model i’ve purchased, in case this is of any help answering my question : ) image image
i’d be gracious for any tip. thanks!


Your device is a pre 2011 model.
Find more infos here:

I think this question has been asked several times in the past, and unfortunately I’m quite sure it is not possible.

btw. are you located in germany??

hello red,

thanks for having me and for your help! this is quite what i was afraid of (i’ve tried scrubbing my way through the boards but haven’t had any luck so far). well – still looking forward! ( :

btw. are you located in germany??

yes, i am! why are you asking?

same here :smile:
located in cologne/germany

hehe, nice! i’m in frankfurt am main! but i have some friends in cologne who run a nice venue there – maybe you know it (“klub genau”). aww it’s nice to hop into a new community! i’ve been very active as for max and maxforlive in the past. looking forward to my new hobby! hihi ( :