[Newbie] Teletype: output voltages >3V?

Hi All, I’m learning programming the teletype using Monome’s “studies”.

I’m at study no. 2 and have just realised that my Teletype can’t output voltage higher than 3V. I’ve tested this by doing both CV 1 V 4 or CV 1 N 48 and I still read 3V on my DATA. The study says that I should be able to output up to 10V. By chance, the study’s examples does not use voltage > 2V. Perhaps there’s some setting that caps output voltage?



try CV 1 V 10 and if that doesn’t work, e-mail help@monome.org with a description of what’s up and when/where you got the TT.

Hi @tehn I tried CV 1 V 4 and still get 3V out. CV 1 V 10 does the same :frowning: This is a Teletype I’ve just purchased second hand, could it be that it’s damaged? Thanks.

hi Gianfranco, hope all’s well otherwise!

if it’s the unit from the other thread (Teletype "burned pixels"), it looks like the DIY version of Teletype – unless the black panel was swapped onto a stock unit?

if you aren’t sure of the source, you should follow up with the seller to confirm. if it’s stock, we can arrange a repair via help@monome.org. if it was a DIY unit, i’d encourage working with the seller on a resolution, given the two back-to-back problems.

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Hi @dan_derks, this is a DIY unit. Is it so obvious that the unit is damaged, from what I’ve described?

i don’t know if i’d say damaged, but there’s definitely some strangeness if this unit was sold to you as new or without mention of these issues. most DIY sellers back up their builds, though, so hopefully it’ll be easy to work through with them. if you’re comfortable with a soldering iron and have the equipment to do some voltage measurements, we can definitely give advice via email, but monome isn’t able to support or repair DIY builds directly.

hopefully it all works out with the seller and sorry to hear about the situation :confused:

Definitely shouldn’t be doing that, didn’t do it when I had it here. Not sure what could be causing this issue either, but hopefully something we can figure out. As per e-mail, perhaps best to undo the purchase.