Newby: clearing parts of a col

hei folks,

i’m new to the monome and haven’t quite understood the depth of controlling it with bits. how ever – i’d like to know if the is was possible if i had:

i have a monome 256 and i’m trying to clear a column of 12 buttons. for my observation, the “/col” command only sets complete blocks of 8 (or 16, as a matter of fact), never leaving a remainder untouched. am i correct? is there another way to do it?


you’re correct. with a /col message you set an entire column-- there’s no way to leave just a few.

what environment/language are you using?

hei tehn,
thanks for the reply. i’m using max (7). any hint?

in short, no. max is good at particular kinds of data. if you decide to run your grid code inside a JS object, you can keep track of the matrix with code and send out full frame messages. it’s more complicated-- check out meadowphysics and some of the other patches on the docs for this method.

best just use 12 single cell messages for now.