Newcastle UK, 14th-18th July - audio augmented reality walk

Not sure if there’s anyone on this list based in the North East, but this week I’m showing a new augmented audio walk at Baltic39. It’s a visceral piece about climate collapse that takes you on a free roaming walk through the city, remixing the sounds around you in realtime to combine them with field recordings and music. Info here - please feel free to share -


Oh fab!! I’m local to Newcastle :slight_smile:

oh great. do spread the word :slight_smile:

I spent some time studying at Newcastle years ago. Wonderful city. I have been there quite a few times since then, lastly 2018. The Baltic is an awesome place (I also vistited 3 years ago) and if I could I would definitely visit your audio walk. This is the closed I can get for now

Not local, but I know some people who are. I will pass this on.

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