News source?


feeling very frustrated by ads, banners and all manner of distractions on web sites where i am trying to gather the days news. i.e. nyt, Washington post etc. any recommendations?


i rely on bigger, broader sources like NPR and NYT for the “facts” of the news (along with other sources for local coverage), but for 'analysis" i mostly rely on more niche sites and podcasts with which i am more ideologically aligned (Jacobin, Baffler, Outline, Democracy Now, Chapo). i also follow a lot of leftist pundits on twitter, which i check occasionally for of-the-moment coverage.

full disclosure: this is the news regimen of someone with a desk job, a fair amount of headphone time, and an insatiable thirst for “the news.”


Apple News has been a fairly reliable source for me with minimal ad-intrusiveness.


I pay for NYTimes ever since the 2016 election

I reliably get my money’s worth

Edit: I also like Apple News quite a bit


For me it honestly used to be Twitter until I logged out for good. An acquaintance recommended a newsletter put out by Crooked Media, which, while being—pardon my politics—eye-rollingly centrist or bizarrely #WithHer at times, at least tells me the biggest stories in the past day with an enjoyable (for me) Millenial bent. I guess I also follow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Instagram.

I confess myself to be, if not burnt out, at least lightly toasted on Actually Existing Politics, so this suffices for now.


I seriously need to quit twitter.


I listen to NPR during my commute. You can select either quick summaries, full news cast, and series such as Fresh Air with the app. Donor acknowledgments but no ads.


This question never occurred to me until now: does the ad-rate of news sites decrease significantly when subscribing? I do have some news outlet online-subscriptions but since my browser is set to forget everything upon closing I can’t be bothered logging into those websites which means ads in return of course. But that doesn’t really deter me away from serious and reliable news…I subscribe to keep good journalism going not to make those ads go away (which I do persistently ignore to a point where I don’t even really notice they are there anymore-and no, I never click on any of them either).


well, my initial post was in response to trying to read an article on the NYT site, which i subscribe to, and getting bombarded with ads.


Oh, that is interesting. I mean, that was what my question was aimed at since I really don’t know what a news site looks like when logged into a subscription account. That’s quite sad tho that the ads don’t seem to decrease…


i get why they need to do it, keeping the highly skilled staff necessary to run something like the nyt takes a lot of money and people don’t buy newspapers anymore. its just gross and invasive, especially the targeted ads. reading the news is hard enough to stomach.


You may or may not be comfortable with the ethics of this, but I subscribe to the NYT while using Ka-Block to get rid of their ads.


We pay for the New York Times and the Washington Post, and subscribe to our local NPR station.


I use Opera on mobile and desktop with adblocking enabled, and haven’t see an advert in years.


This is the most impartial news site I’ve found. Which makes it the most boring news site I’ve found.

What is fun is clicking through to the more biased sources from either side, and comparing language.


Not US, but there’s the Guardian:

No ads. You can support for 5.99 a month on the app.


Go analog. Subscribe to the paper version.


I subscribe to the Washington Post, print edition. The NYT online. The Guardian.

Magazine-news/analysis-wise: Jacobin, In These Times and Labor Notes.


Great (best!) news source imho.


If anyone’s looking to disconnect from the day to day, hour to hour grind of the news, The New Yorker is a great source for a smattering of in depth current events writing but also broader topics to help you still feel like you haven’t completely turned your back on the world. I would love to cut out all other news, but alas, obsession triumphs over will.