News source?


I just got on this and it’s great site! Thanks for the recc.

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Here in Pittsburgh, the Post Gazette used to be quite good until the current owner decided to move it in a far-right direction. I used to subscribe, but no longer. The cartoonist was fired for creating cartoons critical of our embarassment of a president and the editorials have been straight up racist. It’s very unfortunate… The latest thing to happen was that the owner came in drunk one night and berated the reporters (there’s video out there).

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If anyone has them, I’d love recommendations for email digest-format news sources. The one I read currently graced me with this little nugget which is pushing way more of my buttons than it really ought to.

Your timeline is flooded with pictures of celebrities in over-the-top outfits because of the Met Gala. The theme was camp, an unconventional, exaggerated aesthetic that started in black and queer communities.

(the definition is written in basically textbook, inoffensive Woke Yuppie, which I speak, but somehow the implication that I don’t know what camp is is ruffling my feathers? even though I know plenty of you, good people of Lines, don’t know what camp is? I fear this explanation won’t ever get off the ground)