Next Generation Arc

The current listing for the Arc suggests that a run of new ones will be done for xmas and that’s the last of the series.

So… is a new Arc in the works or…?

(translation - should I buy myself one of the last of this series for xmas :slight_smile: )


I too would like to know if there will be a new edition or if this is going the way of Earthsea and Whitewhale?

in otherwords: still awesome :wink:


The current Arc looks excellent! I placed my order a few days ago, and it looks like there are only a few left… :wink:

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the short version is: if you really want an arc directly from us in the short term, i’d suggest getting one soon. right now we have 3 left, but check for the actual number.

note that i’m still waiting for one manufacturer to complete some components so this is a pre-order. they should be shipping soon, but i don’t know the exact date.

once these are gone i don’t have plans to run another edition. this is exactly what i said after the 2012 edition was sold, and obviously i redesigned the arc and did another edition a few years later. i can’t promise that will happen again, but it’s possible.

it’s important to understand that monome is still a single person, not a continually growing company with resources to maintain an ever-growing product line. in order to design and release new things i need to create space both physically and in the schedule.

so, seeing something slow down should also hopefully get you interested in what’s next…


I didn’t know that this was only a single person as the greater machine at work gives the appearance of many more than one. While I have some serious FOMO regarding the Arc I also deeply appreciate it when the momentum of evolution carries the artist / creator forward and there are breaks with what was so we may discover new things.

Which leads over to another thread where you spoke of a “New thing!” and now “What’s next…” - I am quite interested but trying to manage my curiosity in order to feel more rational instead of letting the anxiety around my FOMO or knowing what the future holds preoccupy my better sense of getting stuff done.

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Okay, order dropped, so others be warned, total left is now 2.

Thanks for info. Am interested in the future but one foot is stuck in really loving the present.


ow shux…I did want one of these eventually…took me long enough to figure out how cool it is and could become with more kno how…but alas…too late comes too soon…good thing with monome is I cant and wouldnt want to imagine what comes next since even when it does im often wondering …awesome looking thing…that does what exactly?

Lets see what the future brings.

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Does this new run differ from the previous run in any significant way? Different parts or a continued refinement of the design?

newest Arcs are all the same, including this final batch of 12. (2 left)

yikes, for those interested, 1 left

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So glad I ordered when I did!

Sorry if I caused a stampede.

Or maybe it is a good thing, you know you have the orders!

sold out. thank you all for supporting our work.


there would be no functional changes. some minor internal manufacturing changes would be unnoticeable.

but i may need to update the ETA unfortunately, as it may be pushed to early next year.