Nils Quak – Scenes from Memory Screen

The last two years were quite frustrating in terms of music making. That stupid pandemic removed nearly all possibilities to play live and releasing music without that context seems to become more and more irrelevant – dunno if it is due to the sheer mass of releases or the growing abscence of magazines / blogs covering stuff.
So, as a result of this strange situation i tend to make less music and seek more enjoyment with playing video games, watching skatevideos or going out skateboarding myself – if health and weather allows. But it seems, that i found enough time and motivation to nevertheless record enough music to put together a full release. It probably would have happened , if Flophouse hasn’t contacted me, asking if i’d be up for a release.
And here it is. The instruments are mainly eurorack as well as some Digitone, Shields and Plumbutter. Listening to it again – after I didn’t listen to it for a couple of weeks/months after I sent it off to the label, I am actually kind of surprised how mellow and new age-y it turned out. Hopefully some of you enjoy it.

Here’s the release:

And here are some codes for fellow lines people:


you can redeem that at: Nils Quak


Thank you for this. I have a listening queue (as some lines members who sent me things know :flushed:) but look forward to putting this on as soon as possible. I redeemed the last code you listed.

Thanks so much- I love the combination of noisy resonant textures with the filter-pings (or whatever they are). Took the one code before the last one.

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What a great christmas gift with codes for Lines people! Thank you so much. Looking forward to giving this a deep listen.

Hehe you know how you sometimes get a feeling that something is going to be great just by listening to the first second. Well this sounds great! Right up my alley :smiley:

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Thank you so much for the DL code. I enjoyed your album Warmer Asphalt a few years back. Used bbm9-6zcw

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I used lrz3-64c2. Thanks so much!
<3 Liquorice Dreams

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Thanks!. The filter pings are probably the Hordijk Twin Peaks Filter of the Filters from the Plumbutter

20 characters of “that’s great to hear”

Cool beans. I hope you enjoy this one, too.

<3 <3 <3

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I really like the atmosphere.
Thanks for sharing ! I used the code ev25-kmsc

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