NIME - SuperCollider, PD, and more

Just in case any of the stuff at NIME turns out to be super relevant I thought I’d start a thread.

Not sure anyone else is attending. If so, join in!

It is my first NIME, facilitated by it being online because of the C that must not be named.


First thing that might be useful, Scott and Konstantinos did a brief overview of SuperCollider and put together some shared resource pages. They said to feel free to share the link, so…



I have a poster drop-in on Friday at 11.30-12.30:

Inhabiting the Instrument M. Durham

Come by and say hi if you have time.

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One take away is I saw demos of the Bela device:

and in particular their new touch sensors (in square, hex, ribbon, circle form). They also have a Eurorack adapter for Bela.

I ordered a few pieces to play with.

For those of you into hardware hacking this may not be news, but just on the off chance that it is I’m posting this.

Is anyone submitting to NIME 2021 this year? Trying to get some clarification on the submission process, which is outlined in the Call For Papers but I’m unclear on some details.

The paper submission is due 1/22/21, the final upload is due 1/31/21. What is the difference? My co-author says that last year the initial submission was basically just the title, abstract, and author info. But the instructions only seem relevant to the final submission, since they specify anonymous submissions for the sake of review.

Also I can find almost no recent chatter about the conference on social media, etc.

Hello? echos

Your co-author is correct. I think they use the abstracts to start organizing meta-reviewers, but you really don’t need to turn in much else tomorrow.

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Nothing this year, but hopefully the next. I might attend though anyway.

Yes the deadlines are essentially the same, so realistically you need to finish the paper and hope it gets selected. I guess often you can realistically present it somewhere else if not though.

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Is anyone here going to NIME this year?