* nimi ~ andrew cs + glia

@andrew: synths, samples, digital tape
@glia: sampler, drums, arrangement

omar akrouche: mastering
design by matthew sage for cached.media


direct link for CDs and cached bundles

spotify link

*track #7 “each of our tails” includes some samples by @DuellingAnts

from the press release about this album:

Nimi is part of a new batch of releases continuing “Cached.Media’s spirit of collaboration, all three titles that kick off this second season feature artists playing together, improvising, exploring, dialoguing using wordless sounds.

Glia (Virginia) and Andrew CS (Chicago) are two musicians who compose and create sound through potent clusterings; both melodically and rhythmically their individual works are built around a gathering of fragmentary grains of sound combined and creating unique and dynamic wholes…Textures and melodies jitter and smear…fluttering sine wave[s] cascade and crumble, a stuttering drum patter dribbles in dry light.

we recorded it all remotely during 2020 and 2021 by exchanging files and messaging each other with ideas

andrew and I may share personal observations and BTS details as time goes on but we mostly would love for each and every one of you to enjoy the collection

when you’ve had opportunity to listen we’ll chat more (to create open conversation about the album) we truly love it and hope you do too :v:


Perfect Circuit Blog
Flatland Frequencies



Really, really enjoying this!


Such dreamy sounds from a dream collab! Thank you both.


Very hyped on this. I first encountered @andrew work on the fabulous anachronism max for live patch which very much shaped the sounds that I was making at the time. One of the things that I love about this community is the way in which meta music is very much at play. How artists are building tools to make the music they envision and how those tools then also infuse the aesthetics of other artists work. Andrew’s work on Wrms and other scripts is such a boon to this community.

I later discovered your work @glia I think maybe in the Cached discord. I quickly picked up your full discog on Bandcamp at that time and am still to this day gleaning gems from it.

If y’all’s phenomenal artistry isn’t enough to scoop up this release, the design work on these cached releases is sooo good. Matt has always had an eye for good design, but since starting cached, I feel like the objects he is helping to get out into the world have gone next level in their beauty. He is a great bud of mine and I’d support his work regardless of the quality because he is also a first rate human, but the physical artifacts of these cached releases are top notch beautiful objects well worth adding to one’s earthly hoard. All that to say, I scooped up the release this morning and can’t wait to get it in the mail.


thanks @juje @xidnpnlss and @Brett_Gershon

i am so glad you already enjoyed some and can agree…connecting with sage (virtually) has been great! we initially began planning this early autumn 2020 and i expected to be done by year end

clearly we needed more space to work (through a bit of writers block and grappling with first-time parenthood on my end of things)

the amount of time we ended up taking, though somewhat unexpected, was beneficial & played a key role in how much energy andrew and i were able to weave into the album

i wouldn’t necessarily say it turned out better than something we could have finished more quickly but it IS different, and we’ve totally embraced those differences

it feels complete to us and, again, we are quite proud of the project


Congrats @glia & @andrew, really lovely work. Looking forward to delving deeper with multiple listens. Really appreciate the spaciousness in some of the tracks, like Each of Our Tails, and Dom Nayofti.


i love how the very first seconds of Roshd are a ‘spot the difference’ challenge to someone lovingly familiar with both of your individual catalogs – such an amazing hybrid of each of your virtuosities! y’all have really created something so perfectly balanced between your styles, while also furthering the lexicons that listeners of your previous works have come to understand. i’d absolutely love to learn more about your approach to remote collaboration throughout the project, perhaps if this hybridization was emergent over passes or if its parameters were named at the start?

also, there are so many bonkers rad moments, but i was particularly enamored with:

  • the way that Wind for Weighted Keys evolves. i really was so struck by the depth it reaches
  • the timing relationship between the synths, sampling, and perc in Dia Cellar (oat mice). it is absolute magic :sparkles:
  • Each of our Tails feels like watching a 3D model of an imaginary creature reach out of the screen – so vibrant and playful, wowowow
  • Dom Nayofti’s final shape is so staggering
  • Well and Stones is a spot-on perfect ending – such a thesis statement. it also made me double-back to the player with ‘cool gonna spin this again’ without even knowing the album was going to finish playing

Beautifully done. I’m enjoying every track!


just ordered the cd bundle :melting_face:

very excited about this record and the whole set in general, nice to see a bunch of lines folks coming together on cached

well done


totally amazing. my favorite thing y’all have done (and I love all of your shit).

thank you so so so much.


thanks @yams @landt @tteejj and @dan_derks
all your comments are much appreciated

also there is a spot in our original post with the first review (from perfect circuit) and i’ll try to add others if Nimi receives more media coverage

some of my comments below will respond to things they’ve said…but first lemme offer some thoughts about what dan said above

i thought i had a simple answer to this but

there was no over-arching set of rules at the start, nor do i think the balance of styles came from repeatedly passing files between us until we reached an ideal…andrew may have his own thoughts about the process but i think it was far less exciting technically than what many of you might imagine

over the course of the year we spent recording, andrew sent me folders of unreleased songs & improvised sketches with free reign to truncate, reframe, or combine anything i wanted

a significant number of tracks have been presented as-is with those daw edits

the balance probably stems from trust we already had in each other and continue to cultivate (which personally kept my ego in check and allowed me to be receptive to a different approach at times)

i’ll say that andrew has a kind of disarmingly direct style of communication which helped keep things tightly focused…if he thought a track was done and did not need more layers, he’d tell me and our mutual respect made it easier for me to offer similar feedback

i trusted his abilities, his ear and his tools, was sure he trusted me too, and i think we collectively trusted future listeners who would someday hear it all to accept the decisions we made

What is striking about this whole collection is that you know that most of the sounds are generated electronically or manipulated as such, but none of the tracks comes off as feeling too cold or sterile. There’s an appropriate amount of human error, imperfection, and space that leaves you feeling like you walked into a room, hearing the music affected by the acoustic properties of the space…

a gentle glide or portamento on speed shifts breaks up the looping textures and lets you hear the artists manipulating the sounds, hiding nothing and revealing the human touch. This transparency is what gives Nimi such a firm grasp on the ears and keeps you coming back for more.

It’s really hard to put in words how cool it was to find this description!

They understood our intent: skewing digital tools to reveal comforting warmth, tipping our cards to let you hear (or imagine) the suggested motion of our hands, crafting things in a way that feels quite intimate (like two of us in a room, simply performing some tunes for you)

That stuff was all done deliberately
just not spelled out and agreed upon in advance


Congrats to both of you, I was really looking forward to this being released and got it yesterday! Roshd is one of my faves!


thanks for the kind words all !!! !!!

I’ll echo @glia in how naturally this came together. I feel like a prince because normally I have to wrestle with my music for months or years before it feels ready to present, but the first time I got files back from jon they completely blew me away. it just felt done after that first exchange. we made some small tweaks on certain tracks collaboratively but I think, like @glia said, total mutual trust & understanding each other’s styles are really what made things blend.

I’ll add that, for me at least, the collaboration really began before we even decided to work together. @glia’s music is special because once his sounds started clicking with me it was sort of infectious, and I found myself incorporating bits of his style while experimenting & improvising. what I sent him were essentially these moments - a lot of incomplete loops & ideas from my archive that I didn’t even feel comfortable using for my own solo music because of how much I felt they were pulling from his sound & ethos. and I’m grateful that I felt so comfortable sharing those moments with jon initially. we had kind of an open collaborative energy from the beginning of talking to each other, so it just felt super natural to come together for a full project (outcrease was made while we were sampling each other for fun in the cranes thread - literally one of our first interactions i think !?!).

and damn, so blown away by @glia 's restraint & intention when it came to layering & processing my sketches, and also framing key moments with some super intentional overdubs. I didn’t see terribly much potential in what I sent & just kind of assumed he was going to chop up & totally rework stuff. but jeez, it was so cool to experience how he was able to keep a lot of surprising moments intact while bringing out rhythms & melodies that I never heard in the original pieces. it’s super inspiring & absolutely leading me in new directions with how I want to arrange & present my own work : )


how are folks feeling about this album after some time with it?

we just wanna share a few more blurbs…if you are looking for physical copies in japan check here:

(they also carry some of our other releases)

also floored by pretty massive news that Windham Spill has been added to Tight Songs playlist on Spotify/Apple Music!!

edit: i also forgot about being featured on Dying Songs last week!

stream or download the archived show here >>>



i have been listening to the album once, twice, or three times every day or so since it was released. i feel like we are still getting to know one another, the music and i, and i expect our relationship will be long lasting.

i love the note above from Perfect Circuit about the album. the notion that the album has the right amount of imperfection especially resonated with me. imperfection as a kind musical gesture…

it (the album) is to my ears warm, kind, and inviting. concerned little with pretensions, full of a kind of humanity i don’t see much of around me in the world right now. i am grateful to you both for sharing it with us.



this means soooooo much
thank you for letting us know

to listen and come away with that sentiment is more than we could’ve asked for!


Really enjoying this, thanks for sharing!
(popped it up here)


hey everyone
our stream last night was a continuation/extension of this collab (even tho our sets were solo)

if you missed out live, please enjoy :v: