No more than 1 consecutive replies is allowed

I just got this message

No more than 2 consecutive replies are allowed. Please edit your previous reply, or wait for someone to reply to you.

When I was, I believe, attempting to add useful content to a thread. I’d replied to two posts, both specific replies. And after reading a few other posts I decided to add a general comment. But I wasn’t able to. Just FYI admin.

I’ve saved it as a text file and will post when I can but maybe we could ask what the benefits of this rule are?

For context, it is a feature of the forum software.

Here is where the idea originated.


@lloydcole, would there be any issue with simply editing your initial reply to respond to multiple users?


It’s there to prevent flooding. Please use the quote tool to reply to different messages in the same post.


indeed, this is a feature of our software to prevent flooding and spam.

you can use the quote tool within the bottom reply box, or use the quick-quote feature, where just selecting/highlighting a passage of text will pop-up an offer to add the quote to the box for you. you can select & highlight text multiple times without having to first click “reply” in the editor; discourse is smart enough to paste each quote sequentially within the same reply box.


plus, for everyone else reading, quoting is much clearer since you don’t have to scroll up to see what is being responded to.


Well, I did think about that, but it was two different points, and one post addressing two different points seemed potentially confusing.

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This is a great place to use the quotes feature, as it makes responding to

much less confusing :slight_smile:


OK, I didn’t know this was possible. I now know how to quote two posts in one reply. Thanks, all. Protocol understood. I don’t necessarily 100% agree for all circumstances, but will follow these directions henceforth.


Just ran into this here where it’s not really a flood, but rather an update on a previous post. I’ve edited the previous post as that’s the only available option, but I guess there are some circumstances where posting an update requires consecutive posts. (the issue doesn’t pop up in this thread, though there are longer gaps in between)

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Has this been changed to “no consecutive replies”? I answered a question a few days ago here and now there are other news, which I can’t post. I’ve edited the news into my previous answer post, but this won’t alert the people watching the thread and it also does not really belong in the answer post.

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not sure… i don’t think so?

boogidee boogidee boogidee


hello fellow normal humans

… you are correct, normal humans are limited to a single reply. oh well

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Body unclear -- is it a complete sentence?

mortals are not permitted consecutive posts

yes sorry about that, my mortal alter confirmed this


ohsssshhhhhh that’s the last time I look at pictures instead of reading names (until after lunch when I forget again).

this is the real issue - i missed some replies that were addressed to me because of this. is there a way to configure the forum to send notifications if a reply was edited?


i think the answer is to @ people when you edit with an update

(understood that it’s not always ideal but clearly the change was intentional it’s an uphill battle with discourse to make it work any other way)

@scanner_darkly experimenting

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this is the part i’m not sure of - i think it might not send a notification even if you were @. let me try an experiment, i’ll edit this response and @ you.

edit: @zebra
edit2: jinx! yeah i got a notification )

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