No more than 1 consecutive replies is allowed

It’s interesting that I’m reading this discussion when this just happened: Strange guitar wiring

Poster replied to their own post not once, but twice… All within the space of ~3 minutes. Huh…

maybe discourse just favors anything to do with richie sambora :thinking:
“Whoa we’re half way there, whoooa-oa! livin’ on [20 characters of prayers]!”
:metal: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :metal:


I think you’re referring to my post!

It struck me as very awkward in that particular case. I really was talking about something completely different in the old post, had made a new reply to the thread, was greeted by the no-double-post pop-up, went ahead and edited my latest post (as instructed by the pop-up), then realized it was in fact a reply to something you said…

The result ended up being quite messy, and I would really have preferred to just be able to make a new post.


yeah, i was referring to your post! only saw it because you linked to it from the github discussion.

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Did someone flit a switch? It seems I started getting arrow-notifications when people reply after me in a thread, even though it’s not a reply to my post. Or did I mess something up?

I will not tag you handle (cause that would trigger notification), but scanner, did you get arrow-notification on this message (that is in reply to the thread, not your post)?

no changes have been made. you may have turned on notifications for a specific thread, or globally. see this post for ways to reduce the number of notifications that you receive.


You might be right, I now switched “When I post in a topic, set that topic to” from tracking to watching, I’ll see how this behaves.

didn’t get a notification for this post

Thanks! I think i flipped the right switch in prefs :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to put in my 2 cents and say that the no-consecutive-posts thing seems to be implemented a bit heavy-handedly.

I posted a reply to a user in a topic over two weeks ago and wanted to come back and make a new question (unrelated to the prior reply to another user) and I am unable to. My only option seems to be to update/merge these two replies into an unreasonably lengthy reply that has different audiences (a specific user vs. a general question to all) and different content (a reply to a user vs. a new question).

I understand the intent of the rule but maybe there could be some improved logic that prevents multiple responses within, say, a 24-hour period.


Is there an option to add some kind of time-out to this?

I just went to add another post to the DIY projects thread and I was the last person to post there some months ago. I’ve now edited the previous post, but both the previous and new posts are longish and now get smeared into it each other.

So the rule makes sense for like back-to-back posting, but if it’s been x amount of months, I would think a bump by anyone would be alright.


This just happened to me, again.
It really is pretty infuriating.
Certain topics are really far ranging. It’s quite possible to post a reply to something or other, and then have a completely different subject to discuss, which, in any sensible system, should have its own post. But that is not possible. It feels like we are being punished for being sensible. I’m assuming there must be some bot posting fear at the root of the system. It seems we have a pretty sensible community here that would be able to self police pretty well. Just my $.02 and in the meantime, I can’t post a question about Step Poly Arp within the iOS Arsenal thread, unless I add it to my previous, completely unrelated, post… which I won’t do.


I’ve just been stung by this too. Took the wind right of of my sails


i understand why this is annoying but i don’t understand why it is such a huge issue for anyone. to me it seems like a small inconvenience which offsets a pretty real amount of headaches. (and yes, its a annoying that good actors have to modulate their behavior to accomodate bad actors. society!)

bots are an issue yes. but human behavior is also an issue, sorry.

the software doesnt allow us to change the behavior according to a timer.

here’s what i do when i (frequently) reply to 2 posts. (moderators can make mulitple posts, but since i became aware of that i have consciously emulated the restrictions of non-moderators and frankly find the onerousness of this “feature/bug” very far down in my list of daily irritants.)

i quote each OP and i use the markdown --- to insert a horizontal rule, making the combined post visually very similar to what 2 posts would look like (lacking separate permalinks its true.)

so here i am replying to that. i’m sorry this is so infuriating.

and here i am replying to that. sorry it s so disheartening.

i don’t particularly want to be a moderator or a discourse hacker. i want mostly to help people by answering their support questions. i would do this even if it meant editing one big textfile.


Some other boars I use handle flood protection by automatically merging consecutive posts made within a certain time windw, so you can’t flood a thread but if you want to add something to the thread in, say, an hour and it doesn’t make sense as an edit to your previous post you can still add it as a reply. Works very well.

like this? it’s not automatic

i’m just asking that people “pre-merge” their own posts instead of making a moderator do it (while also handling all the bad-actor cases that you aren’t seeing.) is that so crazy? the result is identical.

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I get it man. Sorry about the comment.

Im new to the whole online forum thing and didnt take into account the time it takes to curate all of this.

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Can you please say more about this? I’m not familiar with markdown. Sounds like a useful tool to know about.


markdown is the simple markup language for used for formattting posts on discourse forums like this one. (also used practically everywhere else there is editable text on the internet these days)

here is a reference that i think covers the same subset of MD that discourse uses

the sequence --- in markdown causes a horizontal rule to be displayed.


But this does not address my issues.
I’m happy to try to be best actor I can be. But merging multiple conversations into single posts makes for confusing discourse. IM(maybe not so)HO. That’s all.
I’m grateful to all here for making this forum exist, and function. Please accept that my suggestions are intended to improve the experience for all. Not just me.

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