No Sound From Norns (original, not shield)

Hi Folks – Wondering if anyone can help me with this nornsmare I’m having -_-;

I’m not getting any audio output from my Norns. I’ve tried both the two audio out ports into a mixer, as well as plugging in directly via headphone jack port. I’m testing using Awake and Loom, two apps I feel pretty confident I know how to get audio out of. The levels page shows audio is being output by these apps, however I get no sound.

Here is the dmesg output of my last boot:

I have tried doing a hard reboot (via switch on bottom), as I read of some cases where the audio engine failed on plugging in an audio cable and this resolved it. Did not in my case.

I am also just generally having a cursed time with my Norns lately, and I’m wondering…do the raspi boards ever just sort of gradually fail in some manner?

Previously, I was experiencing the dreaded Supercollider Fail error (sorry I didn’t save the second party of the message, the most important part I realize), followed all troubleshooting steps and nothing resolved. Eventually I just reflashed the image with latest from scratch and that got rid of the message.

Another thing that was happening before that, and seems to still be happening a bit is, when I load an norns script it just sticks at “loading…”, again I’m talking very stable scripts like Awake and Loom.

Also as part of all this, I’m seeing random USB failures. I have a grid, and usb hub (fader fox ec4, op-1, arc) plugged into the norns, and they would just act like they were unplugged. It seemed like unplugging the devices, hard rebooting the norns, and plugging them back in post-boot would bring them back. It was hard to divine an exact pattern though.

Sorry for the WOT, the Norns had behaved perfectly fine several months ago. I sort of put it on the shelf for a while, recently came back to it, and it’s now being pretty unstable. Wondering if there is some kind of diagnostic I could run…pretty comfortable with linux fwiw.


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hi hi! hope you had a nice weekend otherwise :slight_smile:

given the stack of trouble (audio + software + USB hub), it’d be best to get this unit in for repair.
please email and we’ll work it out!

Thanks Dan, will do!