noch nicht: nov 15, 2021 ep

here i’ve collected a couple of patch variations and a demo, as noch nicht. bundling this is as much an exercise in saying something is thematically ready to share as anything.

mostly at work here are the verbos random source, foundation oscillator, voltage multi-stage, and delay. two melody lines in the first piece being switched by a random gate. sputnik oscillator is on thonk duty, and modulating the foundation oscillator. the core of the sound is having multiple delay taps patched through a modulated 3 sisters, with extra sizzle is from the foundation through a filter 8 and mimeophon, opened by a randomly triggered envelope. the vms has its timing modulated slightly by random cv. i’m also turning knobs throughout. the path has room to grow, maybe more in a live setting than recorded.

the third track is an exploration in using the d0 for percussion, something it really excels at! verbos foundation oscillator on bass line duties.

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