Noise from Stock Norns headphone outputs at high gain levels?

Dear all,

is it just me or does the Monome Norns (stock not shield) produce a whining noise from headphone outs at high gain levels?


  1. Norns disconnected from USB power and running off battery power (sufficiently charged)
  2. Norns headphone gain turned to 63 in levels page.
  3. All levels on +0.0bDB
  4. Connected headphones (Stock Apple, Sure SE425)
    This should make you experience a whiny noise from the headphones.

Interacting with encoders will change the sound as will access to files (e.g. when’s choosing select). Connecting USB power (e.g. powerbank) does not change noise.
Plugging in the wifi nub reduces (sic!) the noise
When the Wifi nub is removed the noise is very audible through headphones at gain 40.
Lowering all volumes to -inf does not remove the noise.

Is this normal? Am i just driving this too hard. Any experiences? Any suggestions?

Best and thanks,

this sounds like a hardware issue, maybe a cracked solder joint? headphone should be close to noiseless. email with details about the unut and we’ll continue.