Noise sources

I will buy a Magnetophon from Music Thing Modular


I :heart: my Jupiter Storm (and Galilean Moons).

Best panel graphics of all my modules too…

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another lover of the quantum rainbow 2 here. i am constantly using mine to feed rings and it’s perfecto :slight_smile:


OT, but did you buy a kit or anything for the Poti, or are you just winging it? I know it’s not complicated, but I’m a n00b. :slight_smile: Would like a 2hp Poti, rather than Xaoc’s 3hp one.

maybe this?

or buy a 2hp blank panel, 3 switches and 6pin connector. make 3 holes, attach the switches and wire them with an old ribbon cable. it’s really just that.

edit: sorry for being OT


there’s an interesting audio mixer + noise generator from birdkids

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I’m making it myself. Seems like a simple build. I have an hour or so on Saturday to do it, so if I don’t mess up I’ll post the results. But I’m following info from here->

The switches I have look tight on 2hp when mounted horizontally so I think I’ll be rotating them

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I also stumbled on the elby noise/s+h kit, which looks like a nice DIY project.

To add something ON-topic to the conversation, the Harvestman/Industrial Music Electronics Zorlon Cannon also looks ridiculous. I haven’t used it, and it’s fairly large (15hp), but it seems pretty rad. Definitely more than just a simple noise source.

Oh and forgot to mention. You can also just get one of the really bad PSUs on the market to have a great noise source always ready at your fingertips! Think about it, it doesn’t take up any HPs, comes free with the PSU and you don’t even have to patch it to get the noise flowing. It’s really win-win-win… except you can’t switch it off, but why would you want that?


sample all different favours of noise you want and put it in your radiomusic


if you want a specific noise module then Quantum Rainbow mk2 is hard to beat for analog noise for putting in Sample + Holds and creating random stuff. I have a Noisering and Quantum Rainbow.

Also read this, some great tips on what to do with noise


May i wholeheartedly suggest ANY of the IFM modules [Denum, Fourses, Swoop or Dunst] All of Peter B’s Ieaskul F Mobenthy modules are great chaotic/noise sources.


Thats a great suggestion and I reckon this is what I’ll be doing on the short term. I’m looking like to use the radio music for percussion ultimately but its versatility makes it ideal to practice now.

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I don’t have space for a noise module right now and I was thinking of doing exactly this yesterday :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for the link!

Anyone know a place to find long samples of other colours of noise or a simple way to generate them ? I’m mainly looking for blue noise, but i’d also take grey/purple/quanta (what is this one exatlcy?). I’ll put them in a bank on my RadioMusic sd card, with some SW radio noise.

If you’re going the sample way, you can find a lot of really cool sounds here :

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Is this any use?

Indeed thanks, it’s a bit short but if I can’t find another i’ll just loop it nicely :slight_smile:

A normal radio, pick a size that fits. Lots of noise options and quite performable. Picked up a old east german one on ebay for nothing. Looks cool too :wink:


Picked up a rather odd looking promotional item that I hope will fit the bill for experimentation.

Worth a pop for a couple of quid! And there are more left for anyone who is curious!



Hi all, do you have some tips on how to use your noise source in modular system? I know to use with s&h and to fm an oscillator so any other and creative ideas, both melodic and crazy, are welcome. I’d like to know also how different noise type (White, pink and so on) affect the final result