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Noisebrige NAW discussion.

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If you’re in San Francisco or nearby come by > noisebrige and check out our Noise Audio Workstation.

Its here for you to make some craaazy music.:wink:


Im gonna be @ Noisebridge tonight after 5pm if anyone want to interact in person

Lots of updates on this:

Our Noise Audio Workstation has migrated over by the VR / Unity Game development group. There are now two machines available to anyone able to drop in! New working additions include:

  • Rockband Pro drums via wireless midi (lol)
  • Alesis Mastercontrol with Motorized faders
  • 88 key weighted Midi controller
  • APC40 controller
  • Sonicsmith Squaver - audio controlled synth.
  • Sonicsmith Convertor - audio controlled synth

Not working, but recently arrived is…

  • Monome Grids (kit in need of assembly)

Licensed software on both machines now includes:

  • Bitwig Studio
  • Max/MSP
  • Ableton Live 10

We’ve begun offering 101 Intro to Ableton class at Noisebridge, but need a teacher who can fill-in for June 16th and June 23rd at 1pm. Basic class is an hour, plus 30 minutes for Q & A. If you are able to help us out in San Francisco, you can email

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Is this a real thing?