Non-Monome Max Patches

Just wondering what patches people use that aren’t monome related. I kinda forget sometimes that max isn’t just proprietary to monome, since that’s all I use it for at the moment.


I’ve been working on a patch to extend the functionality of my Addac fixed filter bank.

It’s a great module but I’ve started trying to give it some of the features that the Buchla 296e has.

At the moment I’ve got presets with morphing between them. Started it ages ago and it does the job but needs a bit of work to iron out a couple of bugs and then make a UI for it. I’d also like to control some of the computer based functions with CV via an Expert Sleepers ES6.

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While it has good monome support, The Party Van is quite useful/good without a monome as well, especially if you have an ipad or other midi controller around.


I will definitely give it a try.