Noob starting TT Studies - cannot manually trigger scripts (solved)

Just found in the manual that you trigger the scripts with the F1-F8 keys

Hi all. After about 9 months of owning the TT and accidentally erasing all of the preset scripts on a firmware update, I am finally trying to get up to speed with it. I’m working my way through part 2 of the studies, and using the Win button + #1-4 is not working to trigger the scripts. I verified that the scripts were entered correctly and they are working when I send them a manual gate. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this behavior? I’m using firmware 2.1 I believe.

The section from TT studies below for reference:

CV 1 N 0

CV 1 N 7

CV.OFF 1 0

CV.OFF 1 N 5
The first two scripts change the CV value, and the second two change the CV offset.

THIS → Trigger a script from the keyboard by holding WIN (aka meta) and pressing 1-8 (for example, WIN-1 to trigger script 1.) This is great for trying things out while writing scripts without having to patch inputs into Teletype.

Try triggering scripts 1-4 in various ways. Yeah?