Noob Synth questions.

So I watched this Hania Rani performance. In her first track she uses a Prophet 08.

What exactly is she doing?

As I see it she uses the Arp mode? So the notes go up or in some direction depending on the chords she is playing? Soundwise she added a panning delay or something similar.

Later on at around 3:56 she presses a button and I guess that is hold mode now? So she can press some notes and the arp? is “holding them” and playing the notes in the order she pressed them or in the order that is programmed into the arp? so with hold activated she could? punch in a chord twiggel some knobs change sounds do other stuff and then punch in another chord and so on?

She is not using the stepsequencer? I guess because with that you would “add” notes one by one before you even start performing?

Please correct me if I missed something! I wanna learn =) (since I don´t have a Synth with a hold function or more then 3 voices poly).

If I understood all of that correct:D is there a more portable synth with arp + hold + step sequencer and similar sound or sound possibilities?
Cause I don´t wanna lug around such a big piece of tech :smiley:

Or would it be better to buy a midi keyboard with similar function? I guess Keystep 37 or something a like will have some sort of hold + arp + stepsequencer. And buy some sort of synth module with more voices then my volca fm.

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Keystep 37 + SH-01A + NTS-1(for reverb)
= Perfect combo imho

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At the start (great performance by the way… love it and love Hani’s work in general :heart:), I think she is playing the notes real time using the arpeggiator.

I’m pretty sure there is a tempo synchronized delay in there (there is definitely reverb)… which takes an arpeggiated synth to another level (listen to Nils Frahms Says for another example).

It’s really cool. An arpeggiated polysynth with delay is pretty dreamy…

If you are looking for similar I’d suggest to look for a synth that also has good polyphony (so the notes can ring out) and built in delay/reverb (so you can easily sync fx).

The Novation MiniNova might fit the bill… very portable and has all the above built in:

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Looks like arpeggiator mode with latch.

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Oh yes the whole performance is amazing! Says is a mesmerizing track and Nick is just great. I have Tickets for an upcoming concert of him and I´m so excited!!!

I think Nick uses at least two timed Echoes for Says and this here is something similar.

So I did indeed understand what is going on here (and on Says)…nice.

First time I hear of that synth its a bit older I guess but looking at the features it looks really packed. Also the Vocoder options are interesting. Never used one of those.

Thank you for the explanation and gear suggestion.